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Why to follow our informational surveys? The reason is simple - we give only trusted and hot information about many aspects in the world of HYIP programs. of course you can do your own researches but why not to trust the professionals? HYIPNews is working over 7 years and or team consists from professionals only. There is no need for you to waste you time on searching for the trusted information about your project you can simply ask us for help or just follow our news line! HYIPNews is giving information you need in the form you like. And today, as usual, we will start with new programs appeared this week.

ReinvGroupInc (reinvgroupinc.com) 1.1% - 2.4% from 14 up to 300 days!
FinexOra (finexora.com) 1.3% - 2.2% for 180 days!
LunarFunds (lunarfunds.com) 4.25% hourly or 106%-120% after 2-5 days!
Swap Barter (swapbarter.net) 104-110% after 1 day or 112-118% after 2 days!
Zealand Investment (zealandinvestment.com) 104-120% after 1 day or 115-170% after 3 days!

Premium Profit (premium-profit.com), ShinyTrade (shinytrade.com), Riley Trade (riley-trade.com), PlaceFunds (placefunds.net), ImfStrategy (imfstrategy.com), VigiClub (vigilclub.com), FriendIncome (friendincome.com), ZvFunds (zvfunds.com), PayEachDay (payeachday.com), Evestorclub (evestorsclub.com), ImperialProfit (imperial-profit.com), HourlyUltimate (hourlyultimate.com).

As we can see there is a not bad number of HYIP programs appeared this week. And it is obvious that many of them will become our clients. Anyway, dear readers I am sure that you have already noticed that we do many researches before excepting the program and even after that we give you only true information on each of them. That is why you believe in us, and that is why we are thankful for your trust!

5sTrade - site is unavailable
Pinvest - not paying
Trade Daily Pro - not paying
Forex Element - not paying
Traincome - not paying
Magic Gain - not paying
FX Paean - problem status

Today we have got seven HYIP programs with problem status. As we used to say - some program may come back. If it will happen before our next survey, please inform us. In any case, there is no need to worry. It is a usual situation for HYIP program, there may be problems with DDoS attacks or simply new updates which are require some technique delays. Follow our informational surveys and you will be in touch with the hottest information in the world of HYIP programs.

Events. It is not a new rule in the world of HYIP programs - when investors are not allowed to create more then one account. You should read all the F.A.Q. questions and answers before the investing. Anyway, you may always ask HYIPNews team for help if there are some issues for you. For example, administration of FEO Cash (feocash.com) one more time is trying to warn all the investors who has more than one account that this is not allowed and if administration will find more than one investment account all investments will be frozen.

Also, administration of FEO Cash (feocash.com) has lowered maximal investment in its project. Now it is $2,500. Lets hope that his changing is for the best.

Closures. Mick Investment (77 days), FlyYield (18 days), Capital Earn (16 days), Best Capital Group (28 days), Capital Earn (16 days), Best Realty Invest (11 days), Forex - Perfect (64 days), Profit Capitalism (22 days), Invcome (5 days), Assured Depositary (49 days).

HYIP Blogs. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project statistic, almost 40% of Americans prefer cellphones instead of smartphones. Of course many of these 40% are belong to the concrete age and certain demographic groups. These people are older than 45 and not financially well-off. Anyway, I must admit that it doesnt matter how it looks like! If its working fine and better then I will use it instead of nice looking but trouble making thing! Anyway, more detailed information you may find here: http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48537_smartphone-users-are-increasing-americans-still-prefer-simple-cellphones

HYIP Forums. One of the forum newbie amateurs is working as a CEO of a company in the market of sports betting. Now his company has decided to enter the world of online investments. Company has decided to create a monitoring site and you are welcome to tell about you suggestion on what should be done to create monitoring site here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r332929-.html

What is your favourite game? I am sure that many of our readers had some, long time ago cause now it is time to earn money. Well, there is always one or two hours a day when you can play your favourite video game. Why not to share it with other investors? I, for example, cant wait for Diablo 3 ;) : http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r311568-.html

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