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Daniel Beletzky , Opulentia administrator, announced to all investors very interesting and useful information. They told us that all the experienced...

Daniel Beletzky, Opulentia administrator, announced to all investors very interesting and useful information. They told us that all the experienced investors know, and not experienced investors need to know. That is - who is who in the world of electronic payments. They did review of all payment systems.

Liberty Reserve is really old enough to become popular all around the Internet. Company is registered on Costa Ricca. One of the company's feature is non-reversible transfers, it means that once paid, money will stay on your account. Liberty Reserve is trusted by many online spheres. Here is the list of exchangers for direct funds or money withdraw off Liberty Reserve: http://www.libertyreserve.com/en/exchangers

Perfect Money is another popular payment system which on the second place after the Liberty Reserve among the Internet users. The prime benefit is that the number of accounts you use to login and the number of accounts you can receive money on are different. It is a great security option. Verification procedure of Perfect money is is obligatory if you want to fund your account directly, using wire transfer. Also, there is a list of different exchangers, you may use: https://perfectmoney.com/business-partners.html There a no information about the administrators of Perfect Money.

AlertPay is also a payment processor but it works rather differently then LR and PM. It is known that Alter Pay is registered in Canada and what is even more important, this company respects all financial regulations in Canadian law. In Alter Pay company users are not anonymous. This option is created to avoid frauds and thefts and transactions are reversible. Withdrawals and direct deposits are available by bank transfers, credit cards, money orders, etc.

SolidTrustPay another payment processor which is similar to AP (AlterPay). But SolidTrustPay has slightly lower fees on STP. Probably, there were some security breaches in the past, and even today it often happens that this payment system is offline.

GlobalDigitalPay team consist of people that have been worked in the industry for several years. It is the same team that is behind London Golden Exchange. Anyway, GlobalDigitalPay has much better technical support. But there were there some problems with liquidity on GDP. Administration of GlobalDigitalPay assured Daniel Beletzky that they are working on resolving the issues. Anyway, most exchangers stopped exchanging GDP or are doing so with astronomically steep fees. Daniel Beletzky hopes that GDP will resolve these problems as it has plenty of potential.

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