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It is the end of the week and it's high time for the informational survey from HYPNews team. We have done great work and happy to present you the most hottest information and analysis of different aspects of the high yield investing sphere. Please remember that we are publishing such surveys twice a week. So, the only thing you need to become real expert is follow our surveys!

Forex Orbit
(forexorbit.com) 8-9% daily or 135-165% after 15 days!
Premium Financials (premiumfinancials.com) up to 10% daily for 15 days or up to 165% after 15 calendar days.
Liberty Loan (liberty-loan.com) from 1% up to 1.5% daily!

Platinum-Deposit (platinum-deposit.com), Invest Club Online (invest-club-online.com), Max Paid (maxpaid.net), EcobFunds (ecobfunds.com), Bruyette (bruyette.com), Full-Cash (full-cash.com), ChokoProfit (chokoprofit.com), RedStarFund (redstarfund.com), Heinx (heinx.com), Hig (hig.bz), SwapBarter (swapbarter.net), JetEarn (jetearn.com), Profitable Enterprise (profitable-enterprise.com), Fund Freedom (fund-freedom.com)

Empire Finance Group - not paying
Online - Investments - not paying
Advantages Capital - not paying
Diamond Roi - not paying
HotPaying - not paying
Globo Treasure - not paying
RWM Investment - not paying
Merchant 4 Fx - not paying
Caspian Funds - not paying
Top Usd Traders - not paying
Daily With - not paying
Profit - United - not paying
Trade Finance Group Ltd - not paying
Uniprimes - not paying

PinoLex (pinolex.com) This program is an example of horrible work of HYIP administration. We all know about the end of the story named “HYIP investing” but this project, I am sure has not earned money and investors have not earned too. Why I am so sure about the investors? Well, there were no answers during 255 days. This is the life term of this project. And if administration is not communicating with it's clients than it means that no one will let you earn. Each investor knows about it and that is why HYIPNews doesn't want to cooperate with such projects! Yes, now this program has Problem status but I bet that it will be closed. Be careful and stay away from it!

Of course we have other programs in our list of Problems. And there are many of them this week. Anyway, you should know that it is a usual situation when HYIP program has problems. It may be solved within one or two days. So, If it will happen before our next survey, please inform us.

Good News.
5sTrade (5strade.com) is back online after DDoS attack. It is a really good news for the investors of this company. See, as we say in each of our informational survey in the Problems section - some of them are solving problems and keep paying. So, I am sure all investors of 5s Trade will have good weekend!

Events. Zealand Investment (zealandinvestment.com) announced that there were some problems with site accessing because of DDoS attacks. Now problem is solved and due to HYIPNews research Zealand Investment has purchased DDoS protection by Dragonara Alliance Ltd. It is a good choice, indeed!
We have another event from IFFX (iffx.org) company. I am sure that investors who is using Liberty Reserve have already noticed that there are some delays. Administration of IFFX said that it happens because of security reason and all Perfect Money withdraws are still manually.

All these two programs are quite new. Zealand Investment (4 days) and IFFX (11 days) only. Looks like they were not ready to face all possible situations related to the activity on HYIP market. Anyway, we wish them long time work and prosperity!

Emoney. We continue to give you hottest information about e-Money in this section of our informational survey. Today we have news from ElectraCard Services. This company provides Union Bank of India with online payment gateway. Provider of ElectraCard Services announced a partnership with Union Bank of India. It is a good news indeed! This partnership will be provided with an electronic Internet payment gateway through Electra ECOMM & trade. For your information Electra ECOMM is an online real time payment processing solution, which supports all major credit and debit cards from global payment processing networks and multiple currencies.

Closures. LunarFunds (4 days), Premium-Profit (7 days), Centurion Assets (50 days), Pinvest (126 days), Trade Daily Pro (39 days), Traincome (24 days), Sure Programs Inc (10 days), Invest In Gas (9 days).

HYIP Blogs. I am sure that our readers knows about WikiLeaks. Well, it became known that WikiLeals filed an official complaint with the European Commission against Visa and MasterCard. They announced that the credit card networks reject processing donations to the whistleblower website. As you remember Visa and MasterCard blocked WikiLeaks from collecting funds from donors in December 2010. WikiLeaks makes the EU Commission to order both credit card companies to lift their ban with “immediate effect.” More detailed information you may find on ecommerce-journal.com

HYIP Forums.
There are many ways of online earning, you may even work online using your prime skills. of course there are some ways of money earning online which demands from your certain knowledges and powers. Anyway, how many ways of money earning online? Here is a useful thread where you can learn some or simple share with yours: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r329018-.html

Do you remember, I have already wrote about possibility to have additional $10.000 on Talk-Gold forum? Yes, it is thread on forum where the last poster will have $10.000 So, you are welcome to test your luck here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/showthread.php?t=204983&page=678

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