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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 70 published by Steve Sweeny on July 19, 2011

New week has come and it's time for our new informational survey. It is not a secret that with the help of our publications you will learn about many aspects of HYIP Industry. First of all we will tell you about new investment programs appeared online since our previous survey on Friday.

Safe Fund (safefund.biz) - 11-12% daily! No Principle back
Ing Finance (ingfinance.com) - 112-125% after 1 day or 138-155% after 3 days!

EurosiaFund (eurosiafund.com), Growth Money (growth-money.com), ProfitsMax (profitsmax.com), InvestItGroup (investitgroup.com), FxReturn (fx-return.com), GoneInvestment (goneinvestment.com), CountAfter (countafter.com), BigTime-Profit (bigtime-profit.com), MyProFitsBox (myprofitsbox.com), ProfitUnlimited (profitunlimited.biz), InvestFederal (investfederal.com), GeelyFund (geelyfund.com), CatchRich (catchrich.com)

As you can see there are not much of new programs appeared during weekends. Anyway, I want to share with you the one I found, more detailed. Gain-Traders (gain-traders.com) is a new program with unique investment plans. Also there is no withdraw minimum and referral bonus is really high 10%! You may earn with Gain Traders from 2,6% up to 4,3% per day. The minimal investment sum is $1. I am sure it is not hard to use such small amount to test the whole program's work. Why have I shared with you with this program? It has the most unique structure among all of new programs.

Of course if we will see this program in our list of HYIP-Programs we will give you more detailed information on all aspects of this project. Well, let's continue with reading our informational survey and you will learn about other events in the world of HYIP.

Green Plants - not paying
Centurion Assets - not paying
Flix - Finance - not paying
Forex Element - not paying
Income Acquisition - not paying
Diamond - Inv - not paying
Frost Investment Fund - not paying
Commodities - Investment - not paying
Swap Barter - not paying
IMF Strategy - not paying

Fxlandiar (fxlandiar.com) is another program that has problems. It was a big and unpleasant surprise. Of course we hope that program will come back as soon as all problems will be solved. Anyway, till that time stay away from this project! It is not paying, not responding e-mails Live Chat is dead actually.

It is a negative section of our survey but when you see your program here it doesn't mean that game is over. If your program has come back to normal work you may always contact us and we will publish this information.

Good News. Today's good news are really good for a great number of investors. The reason is simple - almost all of the programs which were in problem status have came back to normal work. It makes us think positive and HYIPNews team always prefer to write about such events! So here are companies which are back from previous week problems: Advantages Capital (advantagescapital.com), Diamond Roi (diamondroi.com), HotPaying (hotpaying.com), Merchant 4 Fx (merchant4fx.com), Globo Treasure (globotreasure.com), Top Usd Traders (topusdtraders.com), Daily With (dailywith.com).

As you can see today's Good News section is bigger than ever! It is a big pleasure to inform our readers and investors about such events. Hail to the administrations of these programs!

Events. Gulf Reserve (gulfreserve.com) has canceled short termed investment plan. The reason is simple, admin announced that there are many of investors who like this plan where you can earn 105% only after 5 days. Also, admin added that it is possible that plan will be returned.

Dear readers, it should be said that recently Gulf Reserve (gulfreserve.com) has get problems on some monitoring sites. So, please be careful and it is recommended to wait till all problems will be solved.

It is summer time and it's not a surprise that many programs are stopped it's development. Anyway, dear readers you can always ask your questions to HYIPNews team if they are not en-lighted in our survey.

Today we will tell news from Revo Payments (payment processor). Recently, the representative of Revo Payments announced the beta release of the first Facebook Payment Applications for some industries. Such as: Education, Non-Profits, B2B and Property Management. It means that the service provides users with the convenience to stay on the website of Facebook while making their payments. We found this news here

Closures. RWM Investment (225 days), Caspian Funds (181 days), Trade Finance Group Ltd (35), Lions Society (308 days), Diamond - Inv (16 days), Magic Gain (12 days), Commodities - Investment (12 days), IMF Strategy (8 days), Better Forex Co (6 days), Invcome (12 days), Invest In Gas (13 days).

Today in the closures section there are no programs which have worked over a year. Almost each program has worked for really short period of time. I hope that none of our readers has invested in them. It is strongly recommended to follow our surveys to have all information you may need in the world of high yield investments.

HYIP Blogs. Sprint has entered into a partnership with American Express. This was done to offer mobile customers an access to ServeSM, a recently launched digital payment platform from American Express. For now on Sprint customers will be able to use Serve mobile wallet application on their select Android-based smart-phones. It is a good news, indeed, cause lots of costumers now able to use additional services and have a good benefit to use.

HYIP Forums. We all know that there are many of “short-termed” HYIPs these days. Sometimes people are asking about their aspects and functions. HYIPNews is always sending you answers about any kind of questions concerning HYIP world activity. And our Live Chat is always available. Anyway, there is thread where person is trying to find out some info about short-termed HYIPs. You are welcome to help: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r333055-.html

It's obvious that one HYIP program for the investing is not enough. People are always trying to earn as much as it is possible. And you are welcome to tell people about your favourite programs right now. http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331533-.html

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