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Greetings, dear readers! Today we are glad to introduce you the project, which seems to be worth your attention. The project is called Hyper Compound and their slogan is Invest With Confidence. In case you still haven't seen their website, you should visit it. This program is a must-learn for people who want to earn money in the sphere of high yield investments, cause particularly this kind of projects bring profit. No, the outlook of Hyper Compound does not certainly guarantee earning the profit, with no risk to lose everything at all. However, Hyper Compound - that is the kind of approach that makes it possible to minimize risk and finally to get profit, not to lose it.

This approach is based upon two principles and some experts of the market have already paid attention to these two principles. The first one - design. The second one - investment plans. Now i will tell you, how i personally estimate these two elements. If you share my estimation, then you can decide wisely, whether you should invest or not. Because the main in HYIP is risk! Thanks to risk the profit is earned. In case of Hyper Compound - the profit is up to 4% daily (exactly, four percents daily).

Design. Like I said, the design is one of those stones, upon which stands this project. Design - appearance of the site, ie approach to shaping the face. I guess I'm not mistaken if I say that Hyper Compound has quite simple script. However, all we need is implemented with high quality, so it is not a problem.

First of all, the site is not extended in space. It will be seen completely on many monitors at most resolutions. This means that you're guaranteed to see 10 Reasons To Choose Us, the latest news and calculator. Secondly, it has everything you need: a brief presentation, pictures, logos, page plans.

Third, the design easy to remember. You may notice that the green color in the logo is repeated in the buttons and the font menu. It looks attractive and suggests that the creator of the program - a professional. Again, this guarantees nothing, but you must understand that this application is to success. Investors love the beautiful sites and no matter how administrators will try to convince us that the shell is not important (the main is job), without an attractive appearance it is difficult to succeed.

Investment Plans.
1. Investment plans have 10 levels, depending on the amount of your deposit.
2. You can pick up a deposit at any time.

It seems to me enough to hear these two conditions to be interested in the project. 10 levels = 10 plans. Each has different percentage of profits from 1.5% to 3% Payments are daily. And it's not all.

3. Bonus earnings. This is the third condition, which I have seen for a long time, if ever met. The essence of it is that you'll get a income in the form of a certain fixed percentage of + non-fixed bonus profit, which vary from 0 to 1 percent.

The minimum deposit is $1. The maximum profit you can get at the deposit of $ 50k. I repeat: You can cancel the contract at any time. I.e. You can request payment whenever you want to.

NOTE. Bonus accruals are the sum of percent, which you will need to pay to withdraw your deposit. That is, on the next day after the deposit, you can withdraw only 1% of your deposit. After 100 days you can do it for free. Frankly speaking, it's quite confusing system, but it is logical. The administration provides at least some kind of freedom. After all, in order to start earning money you invested with, one must first bring them, convert, and so on. In general, an interesting approach.

Here is a table where you can see the dependence of profit on the amount of your deposit.

Investment Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Base Interest 1.50% 1.60% 1.71% 1.85% 2.00% 2.16% 2.35% 2.55% 2.77% 3.00%
Minimum Amount 1 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10000 20000 50000
Bonus Interest 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1% 0%-1%

Texts and Legend. It's been quite long since people estimate programs following several estimation categories. Saying legend and texts i mean the way a program shows itself and how it is described. Hyper Compound has a very good description. It is located on one page and looks more than usual. That is why it makes no sense to retell the legend to you. You'd better watch it yourself here: http://www.hypercompound.com/?display=about

Contacts. Another estimation category, which is very important. I share the opinion that not a program with bad communication can be recommended. Admins need to be always in contact, one needs to be always informed about the news and how you can you do it, if you can't contact the admin?

Hyper Compound is ok with that. They have feedback form, e-mail address, they even have phone and mail address. Here are the data:

Company Name: Hyper Compound Inc.
Address : 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, Commonwealth Of Dominica, 00152
Phone : +1 (530) 554-9737
E-mail: hypercompound@yahoo.com

Hosting and Protection. When i was talking about the design i said that Hyper Compound is ok with that. And among other proofs of that, i mentioned that all required signs are on the first page. The signs of DDoS and SSL protection are among them. And if SSL can be noticed from the prefix "s" in the program address, the DDoS protection can only be defined if the program admin informs of that. Hyper Compound Admin informed of that twice. The first time - in the context of 10 Reasons to Choose Us and the second time - on the corresponding sign.

By the way, 10 Reasons to Choose Us - quite a good statement of what is the program about. So, it's worth mentioning it inside the review without changes:

  1. Up to 4% daily
  2. Deposit and Withdraw anytime
  3. Compounding available
  4. Interest raise every day
  5. 10 investment levels
  6. Start with as low as $1
  7. 5 years of experience
  8. 3 level affiliate program
  9. Experienced and friendly support
  10. Hacker Proof & DDoS protected

Payment Systems. As for that, Hyper Compound makes it as simple as as it possible. Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money - these are the ways to invest money to this project and get profit. If you don't have accounts in these payment systems, you should go to their respected sites and register. This is for free. With the help of numerous exchangers, such as GoldexPay you can purchase these e-currencies and make your first deposit.

When i was talking about communications (contacts) i haven't mentioned such an important communication channel nowadays as the social networks. Hyper Compound has pages on Facebook and Twitter. On the main page below you can find the corresponding links:

Another evident advantage. Now there's only hope investors will value that. As a matter of fact, if investors will value that there will be the turnover that will allow this company to earn money for a long time enough so that you could earn as well. Let's hope it will happen like that.

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