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An interesting warning email came from one of the ecurrency exchangers claiming that GDP (Global Digital Pay) has turned into a scam, and GDP e...

An interesting warning email came from one of the e-currency exchangers claiming that GDP (Global Digital Pay) has turned into a scam, and GDP e-currency has now NO value at all. The admin of this exchanger tells the following story. For about three months, GDP has not been paying exchangers and one of them has been waiting a wire of more than $20,000. Another one has been waiting for a month for $17,000. And two others have been waiting for smaller wires of $4,500 and $6,000 for two months.

At the moment exchangers do not accept GDP, in other words, if someone pays you GDP, it means that you received nothing because nobody will exchange it for any other e-currency or for cash. Andy Heron, the owner of GDP says that all his bank accounts have been blocked and so he has no money to pay his clients (exchangers). However, the admin of an exchanger from whom we received an email claims that it is not true and at least two bank accounts with a total of about $125,000 are under his control and are fully operational.

GDP has money but does not pay exchangers. According to the admin of an exchanger: “GDP is also running HYIPs (scam "investment systems") and evidences have been posted on the TALKGOLD.COM forum. For history, we also see on TALKGOLD one guy claiming he receives all payment requests by GDP: His forum name is Vorlon, he is a guy involved in numerous scams and more than probably receives money from GDP to post about his "great experience with GDP".

He makes a very disappointing conclusion for all GDP users: “The truth is easy to understand: After many others, GDP has decided to scam his users. If you have some GDP, just use your eyes to cry: It has absolutely NO value at all.”. Now we are waiting for an official statement of the administration of GlobalDigitalPay and will post it once (and if) received. Unfortunately, the official blog of GDP has not been updated since October 2009 and there is also no announcements regarding the current situation in the news section on the official website. I believe that if GDP wants to continue operating and being a trusted e-currency, they have to say something regarding this situation. So let's wait.

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