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Summer is a time for vacations and relaxing. That is why everything is quiet enough in the investment world. However summer 2011 has still given some interesting projects with good perspectives ahead to us. We hope that Felmina Alliance will be one of such projects and Phil Burrell the Head of Marketing Department has told us about this project today. (HN): Greetings. First of all, tell our readers what is a Felmina Alliance? What is your business model? What you actually do?
Felmina Alliance (FA): As you may already know Felmina Alliance is an investment company. Our business model is based on providing unique, easy-to-use investment products in the effort to make online investments easier. Our model relies on our team of professional traders, market analysts, lawyers, accountants and managers whose task to efficiently manage our customers funds to provide reliable yet above-average returns on investments. Our investment products are being offered solely through our website ( Customers can manage their investments through individual accounts. Our job is to make sure that our customers reach their financial objectives.

(HN): In your site, offline and online investing are mentioned in description of your business. You could give examples of those areas in which you put your customers' finances?
(FA): We are using all investment vehicles currently available in the world of finance, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds as well as direct investments. Significant funds are allocated to food industry, including related B2B services as well as retail sector. Geographical areas encompass the entire globe, including both developed economies as well as developing nations.

(HN): Tell us the history of your project appearance. Were there something before it, what steps have been taken towards the site development.
(FA): As you can see, our website is comprehensible, easy to navigate and features simple yet efficient design. This is the result of careful planning, meticulous analysis, professional design and development and thorough testing. Each stage of website creation has been completed by professionals. We have been running lengthy tests to guarantee flawless website operation.

(HN): Is your company officially registered?
(FA): Yes, it is duly registered and operates in complete accordance with the existing laws and regulations pertaining to investments.

(HN): It is also said on the site a few words about your team. However, it is not known how many people are in and what they do. I would also like to hear about your customer support team and its people.
(FA): All members of our team have significant experience in finance and investment business. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, I am not allowed to provide details about our employees due to contractual obligations. But I am more than pleased to introduce our customer service department that takes care of live chat, phone and email support. The senior members of the customer support team are Daniel Wendt, Marc Friscia, Chase Lebio and Lisa Waddell.

(HN): Of course, investment plans are the most important thing for a high yield investment project. You have only three investment plans and they offer 1-1.6% of profit on business days during 180 days. How would you do to present your own investment plans? What is the audience for a particular plan, what features and differences.
(FA): A significant number of our customers come from non-English speaking countries. And most of them do not have expert knowledge about investments. Thus when developing our investment offer, we preferred to keep it as simple and comprehensible as possible. Therefore, we have introduced 3 simple plans offering different interest rates based on the invested amount. However, we reserve the right to introduce new plans and/or add new features to existing plans, such as early account principal withdrawal, advanced compounding option, etc.

(HN): How do you define the main distinguishing features of your project. What is it's personal mission.
(FA): The slogan we stand by at Felmina Alliance is 'Taking your Investment Forward'. These words sum up the philosophy that lies in the foundation of our company and affects our customers, employees, and business partners alike. We do everything there is to be done to efficiently take each customer's investment forward.

(HN): How can I invest in your project, what e-currencies are available, what should be done to pass the registration on your site.
(FA): This is really simple and will take only a few minutes. We accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and bank wires with new payment methods coming soon. Detailed instructions on how to start investing are available at (but now the link is not relevant)

(HN): How fast money of investors are starting to bring profit, after the investment is done?
(FA): The customers investments are put to work immediately. Therefore, the customer will receive the first interest payment on the next day after the investment is made.

(HN): Please describe how organised the whole scheme? I.e. what happens to the investor's money after transfering to your account.
(FA): Its nothing special. The funds received from our customers are transferred into our brokerage accounts or directly to our partners bank accounts in case of direct investments.

(HN): Is it possible to terminate the contract sooner and take out deposit before 180 days?
(FA): Unfortunately, this is impossible at the moment. As you can understand the customers funds are pooled together for investment and its not possible to cancel this investment prior to the end of the lock-in term.

(HN): What about the referral program. How much money can earn your representatives, whether there any material for your promotion? Are there any additional opportunities for the regional representatives?
(FA): By default, every Felmina Alliance customer can participate in and benefit from our referral program. It currently pays a 5% referral bonus on every deposit made. The commission is paid immediately after the deposit is made and is available for withdrawal at any time. Advertising banners with personal referral links already embedded in the code are available inside our customers accounts. Sample ad texts and the facility enabling customers to send out invites to their friends, colleagues and families directly from their Felmina accounts will follow shortly. There are no limitations regarding advertising as long as its legal. Surely, we have a strict no-SPAM policy. In addition to that, we offer a special multi-level referral program for regional dealers and representatives. Conditions are negotiated individually, feel free to contact us should you wish to be a dealer or a regional representative.

(HN): Please describe your project developing plans for the next three months. What will be changed, added that what are the main tasks you give to yourself.
(FA): We have a carefully planned development strategy that we strictly follow. However, we do not plan to reveal any specific changes, updates and modifications to be made nor any specific dates or timeframes at the moment. But you can rest assured, we are not the ones to let the grass grow under our feet. So there will be plenty of changes and updates. We are working 24/7 to enhance the investment services we offer.

(HN): What would you recommend for investors who continue to invest despite the summer and seemingly dead-season?
(FA): The low season could be a perfect time to start building a new long-term investment strategy. However, low or high season alike we recommend everyone to take his time and make an informed investment decision.

(HN): What would you like to add personally, perhaps something related to your project or high-yield investments in general?
(FA): We at are open to all investors, to the their suggestions, comments and ideas. Feel free to contact us at any time whether you are an existing customer or not. Thank you very much for your time.

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