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Just recently we informed you about a return of a scammed CenturionAssets (read here ) and this time a project called WelchFund (welchfund.com) that...

Just recently we informed you about a return of a scammed CenturionAssets (read here) and this time a project called WelchFund (welchfund.com) that was monitored by HYIPNews and moved to a scam-list a month ago has also come back. Our last payment was processed on June 22 and then program's admin stopped paying. You can read a story about WelchFund problems in our news “Two Problematic Programs Today”.

The website of Welchfund is back and the following message has been sent out to all investors of a project: “Round II of Welch Fund is starting now .On first round ,our program has run over 300 days .we total pay $2405734.86 to investors. Now we start our new round ,we still remain same plans and referral commission .Everything is perfect.if you want to go on earning here ,you can need to redeposit again .At least ,you will get more profit in the future .”

As you can see, the text is written in poor English with grammatical mistakes and it is absolutely not clear what that admin meant to say. He does not say that he will process pending payments, he simply informs about successful operation in the past and welcomes you to invest in his project to make profit. Do not make any deposits in any case. This project can not be considered reliable anymore. And by the way, CenturionAssets returned a week ago and payments have still not been resumed. So stay away from these two projects.

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