Updated: 07/27/2011 13:35
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SolidTrust Pay is pleased to announce its new Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal option. Verified and Bank Verified members are invited to use this great...

SolidTrust Pay is pleased to announce its new Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal option. Verified and Bank Verified members are invited to use this great new option with the possibility to use their STP balance to pay off their credit card bills. If you want to use this withdrawal option and receive money made in HYIPs to your credit/debit card, you should note that in order to withdraw funds onto a card, the card number must be already added to your STPay Profile. Visit your “My Banks&Cards” menu and click on “Add Credit/Debit Cards” to update your account information. Make sure you add a MasterCard or a Visa card number, and not your chequing or savings account number.

The card must be in your name. If you are loading funds onto a prepaid Visa or MasterCard, make sure that you have registered your name with the card administrator prior to requesting your withdrawal. There is a $5 flat fee to withdraw funds onto your credit or debit card and withdrawals will take approximately 3-4 business days to appear on your card balance. At the moment, withdrawals are limited to Visa and MasterCard, however more options might be added in the future. For more information, go to the “Add Credit/Debit Card” section of your “My Banks&Cards” menu and the “Withdraw Money” area of your “My Money” menu.

SolidTrustPay is one of the popular payment processor in the industry. Considering that AlertPay that offered such a withdrawal option, does not offer it anymore, and the tendency of AP in closing projects' accounts when there are enough funds on them, many people might choose STP now. Unfortunately, AP is not as reliable as it used to be. It is chosen by lots of HYIP investors because of its promise to return money to those investors who file a dispute in case a project in which they have a deposit does not pay. Admins rarely add AP at the very beginning, however many of them add it sooner or later on request of investors because they want to attract as many clients as possible.

AP actually paid at first and our article called “How to File Disputes and return Money at AlertPay” really helped some of our readers to figure how to get money back with the help of AP. However, according to reports on forums, AP almost never returns money now and therefore I believe its main advantage is gone. And I do not see why you would continue investing with this e-currency if its administration can simply block an account of a project in which your money is and that program will collapse as well as your money will be gone. There are other payment options to choose from and STP is one of them.

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