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A regular monthly profit report from Primfix ( is published. This project was launched four months ago and keeps successfully operating....

A regular monthly profit report from Primfix ( is published. This project was launched four months ago and keeps successfully operating. Derek reports that the total invested amount is approximately $600,000 and there are over 7300 registered members at the moment. Supporters of Primfix are actively promoting the program and this month they received more than ever referral commissions. Total profit is almost the same as in the last month because the same techniques were used including trading bets. The results of July can be seen in the following charts: and

Derek has also made a comment on some investors requests to provide proofs of the bets: it would generate a huge extra load of work for us as most bookmakers are against this type of activity and the risk of getting our accounts limited would increase significantly. He says that he doesnt believe that these proofs would actually prove anything. Many companies work on generating profit for their members without providing any proofs, like Primfix, and proofs are not everything it takes to run a successful business.

Well, I cant say I agree, but if its a policy of Primfix and considering that it is a HYIP which as you know never provide actual reports on trades with numbers, addresses, names etc., there is nothing strange about it. Im sure most of you only care about your profit and Derek and his team give you what you want. If you do not like it, you are free to choose any other HYIP and you can try to request proofs from it too. Im more than sure these efforts wont end with success.

By the way, Derek has great news for its members. It is expected to reach 10,000 members in August and the first PTP contest has been officially launched to celebrate this event. It will run for 30 calendar days. There will be 20 winners and a prize pool is $1000 which will be credited to their account balances and they will be able to either withdraw it or make an investment. There is also a rank of participants where you can see who is winning the contest. This is a great chance to make some extra money and I wish you to win if you decide to participate!

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