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Hey guys! Im sure you have already noticed an unusual new project that joined HYIPNews 5 days ago. It is called HitNRun Masters and today we are going...

Hey guys! Im sure you have already noticed an unusual new project that joined HYIPNews 5 days ago. It is called HitNRun Masters and today we are going to take a look at it. First of all we should say that it is a HYIP that makes profit on HYIPs. It is a long-term investment program that was launched on July 18. The admin of this project clearly has his own opinion on HYIP industry which he brightly expresses in his newsletters. I think you already got it from the name of this program. Hit and run is a famous term for tactics used by many investors and this program openly claims to be using it.

HitNRun Masters has only one plan where the daily interest rate will increase with the number of days the deposit is held with it, and the penalty for withdrawal of the principal amount keeps decreasing. This plan is designed to reward investors with an increasing interest rate while providing the admin time to properly utilize your investment funds. The plan lasts for 365 days but as you have figured you can withdraw whenever you wish with a penalty, of course. It is really flexible and you are the one who should choose how much profit you want to make.

The minimum deposit you have to make in order to join HitNRun Masters is $10. There is a $10,000 maximum daily deposit and a $1,000 maximum compounding amount set per account. A daily interest rate starts with 1.5% and the maximum rate is 2.8%. The structure of this plan can be seen here: https://www.hitnrunmasters.com/plans.php. Deposits are accepted via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney only. HitNRun Masters is hosted on a dedicated server from Dragonara, it is SSL encrypted and uses a customize script.

Well, this project is something we have not seen in HYIP industry before and it will be really interesting to watch how it will operate and which results will achieve. In a while we will also see whether this project is a savior that really cares about your money lost in HYIPs or just a regular program that has an aim to gather as much of your money as possible and to disappear just like other HYIP that they blame did.

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