Updated: 08/05/2011 12:40
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According to the latest newsletter from HitNRun Masters (hitnrunmasters.com), this project has had amazing first two weeks of operation. They provide...

According to the latest newsletter from HitNRun Masters (hitnrunmasters.com), this project has had amazing first two weeks of operation. They provide a detailed report on everything that has happened and has been done since the day of launch. Within the first two days online hitnrunmasters.com experienced a DDoS attack that lasted for more than 2 days. Thanks to the efforts of Dragonara the attack was repelled and the project kept operating. The team of HitNRun Masters also informs about a forum at HYIPNews.com, which you can visit here (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant).

The next thing they inform about is that many programs have closed over the past two weeks, however HitNRun Masters did not lose anything and thanks to the advance notice received from their sources they were able to get out in profit. There is just one program in which they failed to make profit but they were close to a break even point. It is also informed about some three projects that did not manage to escape with the money of HitNRun Masters: “Also, 3 of the programs were from the ‘Target’ admin we intend to eliminate completely. The vast majority of the funds they were trying to run with were confiscated by the exchangers and the payment processors. Our bonus was 10% of the take! What a great 2 weeks!”

In the end of a newsletter the team of the project tells that their group of associates is going to change the course of HYIP and that without their assistance you can and will lose money. Well, to tell you the truth after such words, it is very easy to forget about everything and to make a deposit in HitNRun Masters. They sound very convincing and because it’s a new concept in the HYIP field, I’m sure they’ll have a lot of followers. However, do not be completely blind and remember that you should never trust anyone completely, in or out the online world. Maybe they are really here to save your money or maybe not. Time will tell.

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