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Today we continue to publish our regular presentations. A presentation at is the first and the best step in exploring the program. Here...

Today we continue to publish our regular presentations. A presentation at is the first and the best step in exploring the program. Here you will first of all find out about the main features of the project which will help you to get acquainted with it. Our object today is a program called LibertyLoan ( It has a bright and eye-catching design, simple content and an original concept. They offer not only to borrow your money (meaning to invest), but they also invest, meaning they offer to lend you their money!

Liberty-Loan is a financial intermediary that provides borrowers with short-term payday loans and offers creditors the opportunity to invest their money and profit from lending. Their goal is to offer those in need of emergency financial assistance a quick and practical solution to their financial problems. If you wish to invest money, you can deposit from $1 to $5,000 and receive 1% daily for up to 365 days. There is also a $1 welcome bonus which you will get after the registration. Payments are instant.

As I have already said, you can also borrow money from LibertyLoan (from $1 to $1,500) for a period of up to 30 days and a rate of 1.5%. The maximum waiting period between submitting your loan application and receiving the requested funds is 24 hours. Usually, the decision is made within an hour. However, keep in mind that LibertyLoan will lend you money only in case you are over 18 years old, have a permanent job and are a U.S. citizen. You will have to fill a special online application form.

A deposit can be made via LibertyReserve only. LibertyLoan is well secured. It has SSL encryption provided by Comodo. It is also hosted on a dedicated serve and DDoS protected by Dragonara. A referral commission is very high comparing to other offers in the market – 10%.

In general, the website is pretty simple and the concept is very original. It is nice to see new creative projects that differ from usual standard project that we are used to. LibertyLoan has combined features of a usual HYIP and also created a concept of lending money in HYIP world. The only thing is that according to the terms only U.S. citizens can borrow money, so in general the project will operate like a usual HYIP that accepts money and pays interest rate. Anyways, it’s interesting to watch how it will develop.

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