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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 76 published by Eric Marriam on August 09, 2011

Openings. Happy start of the week, dear readers! The informational survey of HYIPNews.com is back in the air. Today, we are glad to inform you of the latest news and events from the HYIP world. We are ready to share some insider information from our agents. As always, we are providing the list of new and problem programs. Which is extremely pleasant is the fact we have some good news in today's informational survey by HYIPNews.com. The details are below! just go for it!

Expert Portfolio (expertportfolio.com) 7.5%-10% Weekly for 12 Weeks!
Invest Company Online Ltd. (investcompanyonline.com) 0.57%-2.47% Daily for 3 - 52 Days!
Western Premier (westernpremier.com) 1.2%-2.2% Daily for 180 Days!

Cool Investment (coolin.org), Metalito (metalito.com), Brightmore Global Investment Management Ltd. (investbrightmore.com), PayYouMoney (pay-you-money.com), Stash Money (stashmoney.com), MagicInv (magicinv.com), UnixDeposit (unixdeposit.com), Imoney4you (imoney4you.com), Luck2Invest (luck2invest.com), True Expert Investment Co. (trueexpert.net), GainStrategies (gainstrategies.com), Coolin Investment (coolin.org), FxBankTrade (fxbanktrade.com), Case-of-Money (case-of-money.com), Joy Forex (joyforex.com), PlatinumTrading (platinumtrading.biz), VNmonitor Invest (invest.vnmonitor.com), BetforInvest (betforinvest.com), ShipForex (shipforex.com), Rockwell Funds Inc. (rockwellfunds.com), Incomes Hourly (incomes-hourly.com), Dolphin Earn (dolphinearn.com), 5daysProfit (5daysprofit.com), FC Traders (fctraders.com).

The administration of HYIPNews.com wishes luck and long work to all newly appeared HYIPs. May you work properly and pay to all of your investors for as long as possible. WE are ready to any cooperation in case any of admins is willing to cooperate with our informational portal.

Gold Gain - not paying
Macbond-Finance - site offline
The Fx Palace - site offline
Chesfund Ltd - not paying
Feocash - not paying
Resell Metals - site offline
IT 2 Inv - not paying
Forex Orbit - not paying
Eurosia Fund - not paying
My Profits Box - site offline
Games Innovation - site offline
Global Invest - not paying
ePay investment ltd - not paying

As you can see from the list above, there are lots of new problem HYIPs appeared after the weekend. This is some sad news. Let's wish all investors to these HYIPs luck and sooner money retrieve if you are lucky of course. Despite the negative start, we sincerely hope the problems with programs mentioned above are temporal and by the time our next informational survey is issued, we'll be happy to welcome all of them in the Good News section. As for now, you'd better watch out of them!

Events. The website of Compact Fund (compactfund.com) has been under attack, as stated by the admin of the site. They apologize to their investors and promise all precautionary measures were undertaken. They are assuring investors that this problem has nothing to do with the intention to close the site. Compact Fund (compactfund.com) claims to be prepared for a long run. Let's hope it'll happen exactly as they say.

After the collapse of AlertPay, EarnGroups (earngroups.com) has against all odds survived and moreover it is implementing new features. Good to hear that from now on, the withdrawals to Solid Trust Pay are processed instantly and as we informed earlier they finally added new feature for displaying banners. From now on investors of EarnGroups (earngroups.com) are able to watch how much a person earned by investing on banners. This feature is most useful for active referrals.

Good News. There is a piece of good news this start of the week. After a hard weekend for the investors of problematic programs, investors of 3 HYIPs may breath deep now. GBP Real Estate (gbprealestate.com), Compact Fund (compactfund.com), Pana Inv (panainv.com) have managed to overcome their troubles and by now they are paying to their investors. Hope this improvement is not for a day or two. I wish this renewal would last for as long as possible.

Emoney. AlertPay turns out to be extremely dangerous for investors. All around the net are screaming AlertPay is Scam etc. What actually happens here. Yes indeed they started to block accounts of HYIP sites. However, they haven't still put the restriction for the HYIP sites in their Terms of Service. Rather weird and tricky. They are OK with taking money for the transaction fees and when the time comes they simply block the account without any possible chance to remove the block. To be short, let me conclude with the following: AlertPay is no longer an option for both HYIP investors HYIP admins. Period!

Agent Reports and Readers Questions.
Despite it's summer, we go on receiving questions and complaints which in our opinion are worth attention. Unfortunately, the system of communicating between investors is not well developed in high yield industry. And despite the abundance of forums and blogs, fraudsters are able to scam trustful people. The situation is improving slightly and we intend to keep on trying to improve the situation in a positive way, particularly helping with pieces of advice and publishing interesting letters and complaints, as well as our commentaries.

We received the first letter yesterday. It says about some sort of mailing, supposedly from the name MacroTrade. Here is the text of the letter:

Attention! We apologize for the inconvenience. As part of our efforts to improve your experience we are updating our website. You may deposit funds directly in our account here , https://sci.libertyreserve.com/?lr_acc=U2590559 Use only our Ecurency acc for LibertyReserve : U2590559

We've also received it and forwarded to MacroTrade officials. Apparently, it's a fake, cause the address of the sender is supports@macrotrade.com, whereas the official address of the Client Support is support@macrotrade.com. By what means did the fraudsters access the mailing base of the program and whether this mailing was completed to all investors included in the spambase - we don't know. Hope we can get some commentaries.

"5strade scam or it is paying website? I can not understand the situation. Help please." If you check this site monitoring the listings, you will see nearly half of monitorings show PROBLEM, NOT PAYING or Waiting statuses. If you make use of the HYIPNews.com search , you will see this HYIP was last mentioned on July 15 with the notice regarding the DDoS attack. If you take a look at Talkgold, you will see lots of reports from similar people regarding the regular payments.

I don't know whether they are paying or not, we don't have a deposit there and none of agents i know ever invested to this program. However, by no means i will ever invest to a project with such reputation.

Closures. Alpha Forex (94 days), Projection Finance Inc (40 days), Right Invest Club (37 days), Stable Assets (14 days), Frank Funds (83 days), Swap Barter (29 days), Treasure Trade Ltd (22 days), Mac Earn (7 days), Hourly Instant (7 days).

HYIP Forums. There is one interesting discussion originated on Talkgold forum. You may share your opinion or try to learn something new for you regarding the best payment option online. Follow the thread here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r336022-.html

If you are an experienced investor, you definitely have something to tell to the newbies. And vice versa, being a newbiew investor you will find this information extremely helpful. Tell your story of an online earner and the stories of your colleagues on Goldentalk: http://goldentalk.com/t47215.html

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