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Today we have news form Unicorninv project ( which keeps growing steady. Thomas informs that there aren't too many support...

Today we have news form Unicorninv project ( which keeps growing steady. Thomas informs that there aren't too many support requests from users daily (and that's actually how it should be in a well-managed project), however, there is one question that has been frequently asked over the last couple of weeks. Investors ask Thomas when AlertPay will be accepted in Unicorninv. And the answer is NEVER. He claims that today AlertPay is a proven SCAM payment processor, that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars even from those who still support it (of course not directly from them but I'm sure even some of you have lost your money while having a deposit in some HYIP the account of which was suspended by AlertPay and that was your money in there too).

Thomas requests that you don't send such questions regarding AlertPay anymore because they won't be answered. He says: “In our opinion AlertPay is on the verge of either collapsing or scamming their members funds (despite being a Canadian company and though regulated). We are very glad with SolidTrust Pay, which we are accepting since December 2010, and advise all AlertPay clients to consider to open an account with them“. As you know from our article SolidTrustPay has recently added a Credit/Debit Card deposit and withdrawal option and its fees are lower than AlertPay as well.

Some investors also ask about the addition of GlobalDigitalPay in the near future. The answer is also NO. The thing is that GlobalDigitalPay is not exchangeable to any other payment processor these days (neither to bank accounts). It might be added only in case if the situation changes. I remind you that at the moment the accepted payment processors are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. And the last update concerns a forum of Unicorninv which is officially at MoneyMakerGroup now. Unicorninv has been recently added to a 'Sticky Listing' at MMG and you can find it That's all news from Unicorninv for now.

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