Updated: 08/10/2011 15:08
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Yesterday Opulentia closed. I am convinced that this was one of the most successful projects of 2011. More precisely, one of the successful projects this year. When a HYIP is closed, it is assumed that it was a scam and that it ripped investors off. However, it did not deceive anyone and did not steal money before it closed but everyone tries to blame it now. So why are there no alternative points of view after its closure and we remember it as just a "scam".

However, thanks to such “scams” a high-yield industry develops. First of all, such programs operate for quite a long time, for about half a year or even a year. Second of all, they are stable and operate consistently enough to be able to determine their strength and prospects. And third of all, work of their admins is consistent. Everything is quite simple.

Scam and closure as the final path of your investments are an integral part of high-yield field. Otherwise this field would have subjugated all the financial mechanisms of the world, but this violates the laws of the universe, therefore HYIPs exist in the form of an endless cycle of birth and death, every time pretending to be eternal. However in our real world nothing lasts forever either. We wake up every day and try to accomplish our daily tasks. In my opinion, everything is the same in a HYIP world.

A start of the project is similar to a beginning of a new day. The sun rises, we have plans, emotions and mood. A HYIP admin is in the same situation. And you can hardly predict what will happen tomorrow, or what will happen by the evening. No one can predict that. Therefore, it does not matter what will happen tomorrow or by the evening, but it matters how you will go that way.

And a HYIP, which goes this way with dignity and confidence, is what we are looking for. More precisely, we, investors try to determine such a HYIP. Therefore the ability to find such HYIPs is one of the key components of our work. Those who suddenly appear on top of monitors or say that they operate for 400 days is not what we are looking for. After all, we do not rely on chance. Only those projects with which we can discuss options for development, and on which we have influence bring most stable income. And even though Opulentia is now considered a scam, it was such a project. And we must not forget about that.


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