Updated: 08/11/2011 12:22
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The latest newsletter from ReProFinance concerns the situation on the worlds markets

The latest newsletter from ReProFinance ( concerns the situation on the world's markets and the assurance that the business of ReProFinance is not affected by this instability. The admin of the project informs that according to the latest news reports the financial world is "one step before" a new crisis. However, while all financial charts are going down the team of the project that consists of professionals has implemented a new strategy in order to increase profits received from short-term trading operations.

It is reported that ReProFinance has recently opened a new trading department which is responsible for analyzing new emerging markets of BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and diversifying company's investment portfolio by buying shares of stable mining and development companies. They are closely monitoring the situation on world's markets and upon a lower mark, they are going to invest up to 65% of a current portfolio in the main natural resources companies on the market. They continue:

“Despite the recent US stock market falls, our customers will gain their profit normally. Significant part overall company profit is lowered with current US market situation, but our team of professionals is doing its' best to minimize losses and deliver best service to our clients who are trusting us their capital to augent. That is why our service is considered the one of the World's most reliable.”

I'm sure all investors of ReProFinance hope for that. By the way, according to the latest report, there are15,000 members now and they have received up to 94% of total profit from trading and other company activities. Fresh updates are promised to be posted soon, so we continue keeping track of news from ReProFinance.

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