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Be carefully we have complaints about this programm. Status changed ON HOLD. Today we welcome a project UnionTrust (uniontrust.biz) at HYIPNews and...

Be carefully we have complaints about this programm. Status changed ON HOLD.

Today we welcome a project UnionTrust (union-trust.biz) at HYIPNews and present to your attention a short overview of this program which will help you to get to know it. UnionTrust has been operating since July 29, 2011 and according to its legend, it makes great profit by trading on Forex. They say: “Group of financial experts and professionals traders are able to extract higher profits administers contributors to the global currency markets. We can guarantee that your funds will be managed well to ensure minimal risks and generate more profits.”

As we all know, it is possible to make very good profit on Forex, and that's how the ability of UnionTrust to offer the following lucrative plans can be explained. There are six of them and your received profit depends on the deposit amount. Your principal together with profit is paid on expiry. The minimum deposit is $5 and the maximum is limited to $10,000 in all plans:

Plan 1: 104%-120% after 1 day;
Plan 2: 137%-270% after 7 days;
Plan 3: 170%-380% after 12 days;
Plan 4: 240%-540% after 20 days;
Plan 5: 320%-800% after 30 days;
Plan 6: 450%-1200% after 45 days.

As you can, see the offered interest rates are really high, which makes investments in UnionTrust very profitable but of course also risky. Funds are usually available within 2 - 12 hours after request. UnionTrust accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. This project offers a referral program with a commission of up to 7%. UnionTrust is SSL encrypted and DDoS protected.

Well, the project has been operating for 13 days already and it is still not late to join it if you like such kind of programs. Our payments are processed regularly and without delays, which can be seen on the “Payment history” chart here. You are welcome to visit a personal forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant) of UnionTrust to leave your testimonials or post payment proofs which will help other readers make a decision.

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