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Openings. Welcome to the next issue of the informational survey! The HYIPNews team hopes our efforts that twice a week are produced in the massive informational survey are useful for you from the educational and monitoring point of view. The team of HYIPNews is always trying to include the most actual and hot information and events in the informational survey of ours. The overview of new programs can help you to realize what market trends are. Thorough list of problematic programs helps you to be alert and keep away from investing to risky programs. All in all, we do hope the work we do brings benefits for our readers and HYIP investors in general. So, shall we start again. What are the openings of this week?

Safe Yield (safe-yield.com) 11-12% daily! min-max: $10-$2,500!
Ultimate Tradings (ultimatetradings.com) 105-118% after 1 day or 120-170% after 3 days!
UnfxTrade (unfxtrade.com) 4-5% daily! min-max: $5-$100,000!
AgentProfit (agentprofit.biz) 105-108% after 1 day or 112-115% after 2 days!
HourlyEarn (hourly-earn.com) 8-17% hourly! min-max: $1-$10,000!
Profit Box (profitbox.net) 109% after 1 day or 145% after 3 days!

The number of new programs has decreased significantly closer to the end of summer. Looks like program admins keep their efforts to start new autumn season with new powers. Anyway, such a tendency looks like the hush before the storm. For the HYIPNews.com readers such a small amount of new programs opened is a nice chance to try the proven, old HYIPs. You can better concentrate on something old if you don't have to monitor the new ones. Anyway, it's an interesting situation and we'll keep an eye on the market movement further on.

5sTrade - site offline
Fxsure - not paying
Macbond-Finance - site offline

Endangered-Animals - not paying

Premium Financials - not paying
Gain Traders - not paying

So as we can see 3 programs are gone offline and 3 are still online though, obviously are not paying to their members. Actually it doesn't matter, what kind of problem it is, if it's the site accessibility online or the fact of paying the profit. Both are not acceptable for HYIPs and are a perfect sign to stay away from the Problem programs. And that is what recommended by HYIPNews Team. Don't invest to the problematic programs, at least til things are sorted out.

Events. The site Pharma Finance has launched 2 new language versions of the site. From now on, investors may read through the site in French and German languages. Good luck with this new upgrade. Hope it will improve the work of the program.

Opulentia announced officially about the closure of the program, which is considered as one of the best for the year 2011. They are saying in the news that the refund is in the process. It is hard to believe the refund will actually take place, however one good news is that they DID announced about the closure, not remaining working for indefinite time and scamming people like many other HYIPs. Well... all good things come to an end and Opulentia (opulentia.ch) is gone for good. The fact that 10 days ago they initiated new plan proves the fact, any change speaks of the soonest closure of the program.

Serious Investors (serious-investors.com) have announced of implementing the phone support for their clients. And this is a positive upgrade for sure. We'd take a closer look at this HYIP. Hope it will be a long term one, mostly due to its low return daily paid investment opportunity, which speaks of more or less serious and long-term intentions of the admins

Good News. Among the large number that were marked as problem in the previous issue of our informational survey, we are sorry to notice that only two of them have managed to recover and get back to normal work. The HYIPs Gold Gain (goldgain.biz) and My Profits Box (myprofitsbox.com) is worth being in the Good News section of today's informational survey. Those, who invested to these HYIPs may sleep well, at least for now. Hope this return from problem is now for long and will make them stronger and more reliable. As for the rest, they are all gone for good, unfortunately.

Closures. Opulentia (187 days), Macbond-Finance (116 days), The Fx Palace (110 days), Chesfund Ltd (112 days), Feocash (63 days), Resell Metals (49 days), Forex Orbit (39 days), Eurosia Fund (28 days), Games Innovation (21 days), Global Invest (11 days), ePay investment ltd (8 days), FX Commercial (9 days), HIG (34 days), IFFX (39 days).

HYIP Blogs.
Sending fraud e-mails from Liberty Reserve has become a very popular means of sending investment opportunities offers to potential investors. Liberty Reserve does not make any investment offers to their clients and this is one of their basic rules. Still many fraudsters are still claiming to be "invest programs" owned by Liberty Reserve. The scammers initiate sending deposits to their Liberty Reserve account number, which is as follows: U5197223. Do not ever send your money to this account and never trust so called investment opportunities "offered by" Liberty Reserve. The detailed news, including the letter sample can be found following the link: http://scam-lr.blogspot.com/2011/08/another-fake-email-claim-to-be-from.html

HYIP Forums. When choosing a HYIP to invest your money, one of the main things to look at is the investment plans offered. They are various. Each and every HYIP is trying to make up their individual investment plans, still they are all similar, despite everything. What are the main differences, and what are the advantages of these or those investment plans can be discussed here: http://goldentalk.com/t56800.html

Earning money online is the ultimate goal for nearly all web enterprises and endeavours. Well, let's say you know how to earn money and you can work online! Good for you! But, how will you get paid? Paying via the credit ard is not the best choice, hardly many of employers online are eager to pay you via the credit card or even the bank-wire. It will give out their true identities and for the majority of them this is very unlikely. E-currencies is the best way to get paid, when you want to stay anonymous. Liberty Reserve is one of e-currencies that may help both employers and employees to stay anonymous and exchange payments immediately. See how can one get paid for the work online via Liberty Reserve in the following thread: http://goldentalk.com/t57675.html

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