Updated: 08/12/2011 12:10
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Recently, we had a new client, site was located at www.ii-co.com. You can visit website now, at the time of writing this article, it was still available

Recently, we had a new client, whose site was located at http://www.ii-co.com. You can visit their website now, at least at the time of writing this article, it was still available. So, there you will find a project called IICO Financial System. It is a typical investment project, which offers 6% daily for 35 days. Some part of the monitors on their Rate Us page are still displaying that the project is paying. However, they do not pay. Some monitors (gsmonitor.org, hyiprefer.biz) are displaying an up-to-date status but some of them (goldpoll.com, hyipex.org, hyipmonitor1.net, hyipstatuses.com, hyipfanclub.eu) still believe that the project pays.

We contacted Jeff from GoldPoll and requested to change the status, because even if the program pays, then only through deception. On August 7 the admin of the project Jennifer O'neal asked her investors to provide access to the account by API. It is unlikely that they did this in order to transfer you more money than they owe you. After all, they still have to pay you without any setups and without access to your account. However, if you want someone to get your funds, you might as well try an experiment. Make sure you tell us the results. Unfortunately, thousands of cases ended in failure earlier - people suddenly lost all the funds from their accounts.

Based on these actions HYIPNews.com decided to stop advertising ii-co.com and refused to accept them to our monitoring list. In general, the level of risks has reduced and the level of profitability has increased over the last half a year. We believe that this was possible also thanks to our work and we're not going to retreat.

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