Updated: 08/12/2011 16:24
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This is another story from the life of monitors, or we can call it "as it happens." This day did not bode anything unusual. In the morning in our inbox we found a warning from our regular reader, who reported that Union Trust was not paying. We immediately checked this information and concluded that it was really so. In addition, we found out that many monitors, including GoldPoll and HYIP.com believe that the program pays and it can be trusted.

We immediately changed the text of yesterday's review and added a warning. In addition, after several hours of waiting for a response from the administration, we changed the payment status. We sent another email and again did not receive any comments. We have facts that prove the delays and there is even another monitor that changed a status to negative, however, we do not have anything from the administration. And so in the middle of the day the administration of Union Trust became active at last. They ... removed our rating icon.

Now, even if they finally stop paying or if these temporary problems develop into the constant ones, you will not know about that because all monitors, where the project is listed are displaying a PAYING status. The situation is unclear at the moment, but the actions of administration and their stubborn silence make us fear the worst.

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