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EnzexFinance (enzexfinance.com) informs investors of the project about phishing emails that are sent out on behalf of the program’s...

EnzexFinance (enzexfinance.com) informs investors of the project about phishing emails that are sent out on behalf of the program’s administration. You are asked not to trust those emails because they are sent by scammers and if you lose your money, there is nothing the administration will be able to do. In that phishing email it is announced that a recipient is a winner and won $50. Then scammers provide instructions on how to create an API in a LIbertyReserve account and ask to e-mail back with a LR account number and $50 is promised to be transferred as soon as possible.

As we know from experience, such emails are often sent out by the admins themselves when a project closes or is about to close, but on the other hand they are also often sent out by scammers who use the name of a popular program and try to steal its investors’ money. EnzexFinance is one of the “long-livers” that has operated for 283 days and it may well be used as a trap for inexperienced investors. In any case, the admin of EnzexFinance assures that they have nothing to do with those emails.

He also informs that you should feel free to ask questions if you have some or need any additional assistance. Here is contact information:
Mailing Address: 415 Madison Avenue Floor 16,New York,
NY 10017,United States.
Phone:+1(646) 308-1583
Email:[email protected]

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