Updated: 08/15/2011 14:10
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The investors of OnlineInvestmentBank ( apparently have troubles with withdrawal requests and understanding a payment...

The investors of OnlineInvestmentBank ( apparently have troubles with withdrawal requests and understanding a payment schedule of the project, therefore the admin of it has sent out a reminder informing that payments are not made on weekends which can be seen on a FAQ page. The answer to a question “Is withdrawal process automated?” is “No, All withdrawal requests are processed manually after being checked and approved by our managers. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.”

As you can see, you may make a withdrawal request any time but your payment will be processed only within 24 hours on a business day. Also note, that there is a clock on the top of the website which displays server time. Besides that, you should remember that interest is credited to your account on business days and not calendar, meaning from Monday to Friday. That means that you receive 7% daily for 20 business (!) days.

This is a reminder for all online investors and not only for those who have deposits in OnlineInvestmentBank because it happens very often that investors do not read a FAQ section and then if their payout is not processed, they still don't check information provided on the website but start panicking and even posting alerts on popular forums, decreasing popularity of a project in such a way, even though it did not break any rules.

You should always refer to a FAQ section and TOS in case you have questions or something is unclear and contact the administration if you didn't find the answer. If they ignore your questions and your problem is not solved, then it is a good reason to warn other investors.

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