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NEO Progress ( is looking for partners in different countries to increase the number of its team. There are over 80 people who have...

NEO Progress ( is looking for partners in different countries to increase the number of its team. There are over 80 people who have joined the staff of the program over the six months and the team of the project is not going to stop therefore a regional program for local representatives has been opened. Its aim is to localize the website of NEO Progress and to translate it into maximum number of world languages as well as to assist new project members in obtaining relevant knowledge to operate the system. The local representatives will provide informational support to customers in their native language by phone, e-mail and other means of communication.

A nice PDF presentation for all regional representatives is now available on the website. There you will find all important information about NEO Progress and it is promised to be translated into all major languages. Each regional representative who is ready to actively advertise NEO Progress online and offline is offered a stable payment and profitable conditions for operation:

Possibility to cooperate with a big and well-established company and to use an acknowledged brand

Obtaining a 10% referral bonus instead of 5% rate

Individual data and advertising support, unique strategies and business plan development

Using your referral hyperlink on a functional site that does not require creating and promoting your own site

Consultation regarding promotion, companys administration and advertising recommendations

You can send an application for participating in a program here ( If you have any questions about cooperation, you are welcome to contact program's operators and call +441233438040. You can consult in English, German or Russian.

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