Updated: 08/17/2011 11:48
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A project MoneySwim ( celebrates its threemonth anniversary this month. The team of the project says that they are proud to be offering...

A project MoneySwim ( celebrates its three-month anniversary this month. The team of the project says that they are proud to be offering top-class financial and investment services to their clients around the world. This has been a great time and MoneySwim keeps rapidly developing to make provided services better and even more profitable for investors.

In the latest update a double bonus limited promotion is announced, according to the terms of which every investment made in Advanced Plan (with $500 minimum deposit) will bring you additional 10% bonus. If you decide to make a deposit in a Profit Master Plan the additional bonus will be 20% (the minimum deposit in this plan is $3,000). The offer is valid from today till September 1, 2011.

As you can see, the required deposit amounts are large and unfortunately eight out of ten cases when bonuses or some special offers are announced end with a soon closure of the program. In this case, the offer is not crazy and MoneySwim seems to be reliable and a professionally managed program, so this move may be just an advertising tool used to attract more clients with large deposits and the admin of MoneySwim does not plan to collect money and disappear. We always hope for the best, but a HYIP world is unpredictable, so the choice is always yours.

There are three plans at MoneySwim: Starter: 0.6% daily for an undefined term (min. $10), Advanced: 1.3% daily for 240 days (min. $500) and Profit Master: 1.7% daily for 240 days (min. $3,000). By the way, a month ago MoneySwim renewed an affiliate program. See the details here. A review of the project can be read here.

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