Updated: 08/19/2011 13:53
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This update concerns a project from our catalog OnlineInvestmentBank . You should be aware of a clone website that looks exactly like...

This update concerns a project from our catalog OnlineInvestmentBank. You should be aware of a clone website that looks exactly like OnlineInvestmentBank. The domain name of an original program is http://onlineinvestmentbank.org and its clone can be found at http://onlineinvestmentbank.tk. It is easy to get confused, however there is exactly the same news section on the fake website as it is on a real one, so there you will see a warning against a fake website, which is funny and at the same time a good warning for all attentive people. If you have a deposit in this program, make sure you log into your account on the right website.

As you can see, scammers have become very creative and make up new ways of stealing our money. Five years ago it was easy to fool people by just sending a simple email advertising a project, promising great profits and providing an account number. This method is still used, however it brings much less money to scammers than it used to. Therefore in order to “survive” they have to create new ways and launching a website looking exactly like a website of a popular high-yield investment field is their new trick.

Be careful and pay attention to all details, after all, you risk your own money. If you keep reading our news on a daily basis, you will be aware of all possible risks involved in a HYIP industry. The more you know – the more chance to earn you have, and I believe this is why you are here.

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