Updated: 08/22/2011 16:11
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One of the latest update from a project ReProFinance surprised us because of the bonus announced in it.

One of the latest update from a project ReProFinance ( surprised us because of the bonus announced in it. You can receive 10% withdrawal bonus if you choose to withdraw to AlertPay instead of your LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney account. The offer sounds familiar, doesn't it? An absolutely identical offer was made by another program from our monitoring list NEO Progress (announced here).

This program explained the reasons of such a decision (even though they are unlikely to be true), however there is no explanation from ReProFinance. They just informed that the website was unavailable for a while due to a planned software update. And there are new features in their project:

  • Division of system balances (LR, PM, etc.)
  • AlertPay withdrawal bonus: Withdraw to AlertPay and get 10% bonus to your wallet!
  • Referral program updated. Fixed minor bugs and improved statistics.
  • And more...

The fact that the admins of both projects made the same offer at the same time is quite suspicious and may mean that they are somehow connected. Anyways, whatever the case is it is clear that AlertPay is unwanted at ReProFinance anymore and if you like this payment processor you can use this chance to receive a 10% withdrawal bonus.

Another update from this project concerns scam emails. Apparently some members of ReProFinance have received emails in which they are declared the winners and are asked to change the API settings of their e-currency accounts. If you receive such an email, do not follow those instructions in any case. The administration stresses that ReProFinance will never send any unexpected or suspicious emails with requests or instructions soliciting to any actions.

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