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One of the programs that have recently joined is a project called After60Days ( I suppose it is clear from its name that...

One of the programs that have recently joined is a project called After60Days ( I suppose it is clear from its name that it offers an investment plan that pays after 60 days :) Of course, there are more than one investment offers at this project and today we'll take a look at them and other features so that you could decide whether it is a good option for you to invest or not.

Basically it is a short-term HYIP in which you can invest starting from $10. There are four plans and the first one offers profit of 104%-120% after 1 day for deposits from $10 to $50,000. The same deposit amount will bring you 122%-200% but only in case you invest in the second plan that pays after 5 days. If you are okay with investing for 15 days, the same amount will bring you 200%-700%. And the longest plan mentioned in our foreword promises to pay fixed 10,000% after 60 days for deposits from $100 to $50,000.

Of course, the last offer is simply crazy and there is no way someone will pay you such profit, therefore we do not recommend that you invest in this plan. The other three offers are profitable and realistic as for a short-term and high-ROI offering HYIP, therefore you may well make good money with After60Days because it has been operating for just 5 days. There is an investment calculator in the member area, so it is easy to see how much money you will make in one or the other plan.

Deposits are accepted via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Payments are processed manually and you have to request it yourself. The admin of the project informs that it might take up to 11 hours to complete a process, however it is usually done pretty fast. The affiliate program offers a 5% commission rate. After60Days uses a licensed script from GoldCoders, it is SSL encrypted and DDoS protected, so all required basic security features are present. With regard to contact methods, there different ways to contact the administration, such as a live chat, a phone support (+1 954 519 2016), an e-mail and a feedback form.

So what kind of conclusion can we make about this program? It is a very risky game, which will surely bring profit to some of you and there will be definitely those who will lose, just like it happens in any HYIP, however in this case it will happen much quicker because of the specifics of short-term projects. Do not invest large amounts that you will regret to lose, choose shorter plans and keep track of first warning alerts in order to stop investing when time comes.

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