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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 82 published by Joe Wong on August 30, 2011

Openings. Welcome again to HYIPNews.com and our regular informational survey. As usually our team is giving the latest and most important news and updates from the HYIP world. Read our informational surveys and get to know of the latest changes in the program ratings, learn hot news and latest events on the market. Read about the hot discussions on HYIPNews forum, as well as other informational resources that cover the niche of HYIP investment. The openings of the weekend and the start of the new week are as follows:

KarmaMoney (karmamoney.net) 1.5%-2.5% Daily for 100-40 Trading Days

Sport-Earn (sport-earn.com), GainRace (gainrace.com), FreedomEarning (freedomearning.com), Dexter Finance (dexterfinance.com), JXFinancial (jxfinancial.com), Spend Now (spend-now.com), Crazy Fund (crazy-fund.com), Vip Rate Investment (vip-rate.com), Saving-Capital (saving-capital.com), TopGain (topgain.biz), Online Mux (onlinemux.com), TOO EARN (tooearn.com), Capi Funds (capifunds.com)

As you can see there is only one program worth detailed presentation in today's informational survey. We do hope the number of really worth and potentially good programs will rise in the future and do believe the end of summer will bring new expectations to all HYIP lovers and investors. HYIPNews.com team wishes all investors benefit and wise choice of the investment sources. Good luck!

Finexora - not paying

We have good news today. Just one problem program. Our congratulations to all investors. These days you all may sleep well. And frankly speaking this is the first time such situation happens. There is only one problematic program this time, not mentioning those, which remained problem since the previous issue of our informational survey. Still no addons to this most negative section of the survey is a piece of good news today.

Pay-You-Money (pay-you-money.com) has published the promotional newsletter just notifying how many investors they got for 18 days of being online. Frankly speaking it is hard to believe this figure is true. Anyway, this approach can be a good sign of a thorough approach to the support service of Pay-You-Money (pay-you-money.com), which can become a useful feature, when (and if) the project gets popular among the majority of investors.

CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) seems to be a fan of contests and giving prizes. Another one opportunity to win a money prize has been offered by the admin of the project. This time, taking into account not all the people understand their terms well, CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) will post a question on the wall of their Facebook page and the first one, who answers correctly the question gets $10 prize. They promise to let the contest on until all questions are set and answered correctly on the Facebook wall.

EarnGroups (earngroups.com) has implemented the paid-out page. As said in the news update, this page will allow any member to watch the payouts made by the members, anything including the amounts, the dates and time respected. Indeed it is going to be a great proof of paying and may become a perfect tool for active referrers of the project for bringing more and more new investors to EarnGroups (earngroups.com). Well... this may be a trick and they simply need more :) We'll see...

ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) have added more 5000 units to their 90 Days plan. The reason for that as they claim is that previously 5000 were sold. After these 5000 units are sold, the 90 Days plan will be closed. So their average and most popular plan is still open. Many investors of ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) would definitely enjoy this news.

Good News. Possibly the main good news of the passed three days is that Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has got back and now paying. After 4 days of downtime, the site moved their servers to Dragonara and now they are processing the delayed payments. Though there are some troubles with processing all of the payments, as said because they are lack of Liberty Reserve and waiting for more from exchangers. Anyway, the site Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) is online and seems investors feel revealed and on the safe side now. We'll keep an eye on the withdrawal status and let you know in case payments are delayed for longer than promised.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
Today we go on with the section of Agents Reports and Readers Questions. We have two questions and naturally two answers. Here is the first one: there is a site running from 27 days, http://decentearning.com/ i want to ask that is this site ok or not? wat do you sAy about it

I can tell for sure, this program is not worth investing. As early as this questions has been set on Sunday, this program has had problem statuses on two monitoring sites. But this is not the main thing. Admin is offering 1100% within 30 days, and by the time of writing this, it's 27 days. Even in case the program was paying for so long, it will hardly manage paying more than the most unreal plan, they are offering. Unreal plan - several hundreds of % arrived within more than 30 days. Theoretically existing programs with 100% profit return within 30 days is possible. History has the proofs for that. However, risk is corresponding. 100% in 60 days - this risk is more or less adequate (compared to average risk level in HYIP industry). Naturally, the numbers are approximate and there are lots of extra features, though you can understand, even giving such a rough evaluation, the project under consideration looks death-doing.

Do you have any news about Flaxn/Lionssociety?
No unfortunately no news from Leia Gao. We contacted here, asking for the comment regarding the actual state of things, though, unfortunately, got no reply. Quite possible, after the second season starts, some "second breath" is possible. Hardly, anyway. Investors got used to more active feedback in the high yield sphere, than they used to experience with LS.

Closures. Viva Trade (39 days), Metalito (24 days), Brightmore Global Investment Management Ltd. (22 days), Growth Money (54 days), Gain Future (22 days), SafeEarn (14 days), Growing Benefit (8 days).

HYIPNews Discussions. We have some other threads opened by the readers of our site in today's HYIPNews Discussions. To our mind, these discussions are worth your attention, cause first of all they warn against some threats, secondly, they offer solutions for investing, education and discussion. And of course, investment opportunities.

First of all, discussion around the MGFunds problems is worth taking a closer look. Despite the complaints, the admin is trying to fix the situation and it's been 2 weeks already since he's been fighting some investors, who are sure of the fact he is a scam (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). The ultimate question now is: whether the admin should be stopped by all possible means despite his efforts or not? Once stopped, neither investors who post complaints, nor investors, who deposited yesterday will get zero. Once the admin is not stopped, there are chances for the new victims to be taken in the toils of the scammers. But, who are these victims, who are not paying attention neither to the rating, which has been lowered, nor to the complaints against MGFunds? And how actually can one ignore the fact, the admin is in touch and paying to the majority of investors. This can hardly be called "selective". More likely it can be called - "problem deposits". And definitely if your problem is not a problem one, you just have to join the discussion. It will be returned upon the discussion results. Or you think they must be stopped right now, right away, without taking anything into account?

Another interesting thread does not only refer to MGFunds, it also touches upon other seven programs, a newbie is willing to make deposits to. Here are they: These HYIPs seems real but I am confused (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant).

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