Updated: 08/30/2011 10:09
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Unfortunately we had to move a project WesternSum (westernsum.com) to a negative payment status and state that it is not paying to its members. Despite the fact that some monitors are still displaying a paying status of this program, do not make new deposits in any case. Our last payment was processed on August 24, which can be seen on a HYIP-list page, we have received warning alerts from three readers, there are alerts on popular forums and the administration does not reply to emails of its investors (and we are also waiting for response).

It is too bad that this program is most likely done, because it looks very professional, uses an original script and seemed to be very promising. It lived just for 17 days before problems with payouts started and only the admin of the project knows the reasons of that. This is a striking example of how unpredictable and risky the HYIP industry is. We could give the admin a chance to save the situation but the worst thing is that he does not stay in touch, does not explain anything and ignores all questions.

At the moment the website of WesternSum is online and deposits are still accepted. Please help us warn other investors because those of them who do not read news will definitely lose their money. By the way, another program from our monitoring list that stopped paying on August 18 and has a “not paying” status is still operating. It is called StarTraders (star-traders.biz). Be careful and always check all possible information about the project before making a deposit in it.

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