Updated: 09/01/2011 12:24
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The admin of HitNRun Masters (hitnrunmasters.com) informs that his project is on the rise these days. It has been operating for over 40 days and is...

The admin of HitNRun Masters (hitnrunmasters.com) informs that his project is on the rise these days. It has been operating for over 40 days and is getting stronger and more and more investors join the project each day. As usual, he sounds super self-confident and informs how great HitNRun Masters is and that you will definitely not be able to make profit in the HYIP industry without its help:

“We have the backing of key entities in this industry. With our insider knowledge, knowing when, where, who, how and what HYIP Admin are doing we are THE safe haven. All the HYIP's online and listed in the monitors are full of $#!+. There are no Forex participating HYIP. There is NO sports arbitrage betting HYIP's. There are no OIL exploration HYIP's. There are ONLY Ponzi's. The only HYIP that is investing in anything is HnRM!”

According to the next part of a newsletter, the team of HitNRun Masters has developed a winning strategy over the last 10 years that has brought a lot of money. They also believe that an investment plan of the project is the best designed investment plan in the world of HYIP which allows them to be a force in this industry for as long as they desire to offer it. They continue:

“Changes in the world of HYIP are imminent. They have already happened for the worse. Now it is time to make changes for the better. Those of you that have been around for any length of time can clearly see that it is harder and harder to make money in this industry. Programs come and go too fast. Too many investors investigating this industry are losing and leaving. The crap Admin, whether you believe it or not, ARE, and will remain, under attack from the whole of the industry.”

They say that there are too many stupid admins, low quality programs, monitors and blogs and that everyone's task is to make the HYIP industry better. We agree with that, and everything we do daily is a great confirmation of our desire to make this industry safer and more profitable. We regularly inform about news from the projects, problems, observation, share our experience, notice different scam programs and help investors, so I suppose there is no doubt about our intentions.

Everyone can say that he wants to make the world better but sometimes those are just words. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any proofs of real actions taken by the team of HitNRun Masters. Those rousing speeches are great and will surely attract some investors but we need proofs that it is not one of those ponzi's projects about which the admin is talking about. Because without those proofs it looks like a usual HYIP that offers investment plans and is building a pyramid.

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