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Today we have prepared a short presentation of a project Forex Fund Management ( that joined HYIPNews 11 days ago. As you have figured,...

Today we have prepared a short presentation of a project Forex Fund Management ( that joined HYIPNews 11 days ago. As you have figured, this project claims to be engaged in trading on Forex. There are two investment plans at Forex Fund Management and both of them pay monthly. Of course the fact that this project pays monthly won't attract a lot of investors, but that's the policy and probably the administration had reasons to make such an investment offer.

Stock Market brings 8% monthly for 180 days with minimum deposit of $100 and maximum deposit of $20,000. Forex Market offers 10% monthly for 180 days for a minimum deposit of $21,000 and maximum is limited to $100,000. The set minimum is too high comparing to all other projects and most investors prefer testing a project by investing small amounts first, but in this case they simply don't have such an opportunity.

The only accepted payment processor is LibertyReserve and this factor also reduces the number of potential investors. Forex Fund Management offers an affiliate program in which you can earn on 10 levels depending on your deposit amount. Basically, for most investors who decide to invest in this program, the only available level will be the first one that pays 6%, because in order to receive referral commission on the second level you have to invest $500 minimum and if you want to earn on other levels, you must invest even more.

Here is how this system looks:
deposit $100 and get 6% referral commission for level 1; $500 get 4% for level 2; $1,000 get 3% for level 3; $2,000 get 2% for level 4; $3,000 get 1% for level 5; $5,000 get 1% for level 6; $7,000 get 1% for level 7; $10,000 get .5% for level 8; $12,000 get 5% for level 9; $15,000 get .5% for level 10.

As you can see, all 10 levels will be open to you only in case you invest more than $15,000. And also as you have figured, it is impossible to earn in a referral program at if you do not have a deposit in this project. In case you have questions, there are two email addresses on the support page:,, as well as a usual feedback form. The website is DDoS protected.

Having analyzed, the basic features of Forex Fund Management, we should say that it is quite a specific project, which won't be suitable for everyone. However, if you like what you see and like the offered terms (and most importantly that it pays monthly and just 8-10% a month), then make a deposit and wait for your first payment in a month.

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