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Openings. Hello, dear readers! First of all, the team of HYIPNews.com congratulates all American people on their holiday, celebrated on Monday September 5. The holiday when all American people are taking rest is called "Labor Day". It's a strange fact. Anyway, we are working on holidays as well, cause our team is not working for Americans exclusively, and in other countries Monday, September 5 is an ordinary working day and we are happy to offer another release of our informational survey with the fresh updates on the HYIP world, giving the updates on Problem and New programs. As usually, some hot forum discussions and HYIP blog updates are at your attention below.

ayman-unds (cayman-funds.com), Okaei Fund (okaeifund.com), Lucky Invest (luckyinvest.net), CMF-Finance (cmf-finance.com), Fund6868 (fund6868.com), TrustedEarn (trustedearn.com), SwanInv (swaninv.com), Master-Pln (master-pln.com), Business Trade Group (businesstradegroup.biz), Capital Faran (capitalfaran.com), Alpha-Earn (alpha-earn.com), Travelersmot (travelersmot.com), SuperHotPay (superhotpay.com), Cosmos Petroleum Corporation (cosmospetroleum.com), DepositUnion (depositunion.com), Biggest Fund (biggestfund.com), MoneyInShare (moneyinshare.com), Big Gold (big-gold.net), MX Fund (mxfund.biz), Aurora Fund (aurorafund.net)

We are through with the openings of this week. We do believe Autumn will bring us many potentially serious players on the HYIP arena. I wish the number of new programs with the detailed description would grow far more and more. Meanwhile, we all see the tendency of growing so called day-fly programs. They appear for a week and close in a week or so. Not all of them naturally, still there many of the kind.

Profit-United - not paying
Minvestment - not paying
Hitch Investment - not paying
Safe Forex Trade - not paying
The Forex Funds - not paying
Alpha Finance - not paying
Perfect Gain - not paying

The list is today not so numerous as we had last time we issued the informational survey, presented by HYIPNews.com. Still there are some programs, which are not paying to their members. There are more or less long-term programs and comparatively new programs, which have just appeared online and now got the Problem status. We are sorry and wish investors to these problematic HYIPs to have their chosen programs running well and paying regularly. We'll update you more in the next release of the informational survey.

Fountain Oil Investments (oil-high-returns.com) has established the new 30 day Trial Plan for their investors, willing to test the services offered by the program for a short period of time. The interest offered in the new trial plan is 1.20% daily. And it really seems like a good short term source of investing. I wish the update was not a simple sign of soon Fountain Oil Investments (oil-high-returns.com) closing (as it actually often happens, when a program changes the rules). Anyway, let's hope the changes are for the best.

Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) is now possibly causing the main buzz in the HYIP world. The project has been given a Problem status on many listing sites, including ours. Still some news are circulating on the net, saying the project is now in the process of paying out significant amounts of Liberty Reserve as the pending withdrawals. Not all one have been been completed yet, and frankly speaking, i can hardly believe, they will survive this collapse. Anyway, Gorgon Project Invest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) seems to fight for living in an agressive way. Moreover, another unconfirmed news is that new promotional campaigns on major HYIP forums are being planned now. What can we say about it... if they plan on campaigns, they are OK with money? If they are OK with money, they can go on working after paying all the profits. And the other way round, all campaigns are planned and processed right before the closure as the diversion to beguile poor investors, waiting for profit withdrawal from the admin. We'll see what is the progress with these guys in the next release of the informational survey.

(comoditiescapital.com) continues improving their project. Their own forum has been added. Clicking the corresponding button in the top menu of the site, visitors go directly to the newly opened forum when they need to register again and may start posting. Being a new and rapidly growing program CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) seems to beat all records in the speed of implementing new features to their site. Nearly every week, something new is added and from the social point of view it is a good approach to running this type of business.

The admin of EurexTrade (eurextrade.com) has added French localization on his site. The new language version of the site is available on http://fr.eurextrade.com.

ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) announces the new plans addition. The plans looks extremely suspicious though. 10 Days Plans start from $1000 deposits and can only be funded via Liberty Reserve. Looks very much like an attempt to take as much as possible from new investors before closing up. We'd recommend members to be cautious when investing to ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com). Al least, we need to wait for 10 days and see what is going to happen next.

BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) added the third payment processor to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. From now on investors are able to make deposits and withdrawals at BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) via Alert Pay. Please mind, adding new Alert Pay accounts to existing members' accounts can only be processed manually and for security reasons, no automatic change within the member area is allowed.

Good News. In today's release of our informational survey we have three good news. And the first one is that long-term HYIP Fast Market Co (fastmarket.biz), running for 525 days, which has been in Problems section in the previous release is still online and seems to get back to regular payments. The payment statuses on listing sites have been changed to Paying and on forums proofs of payment resumed. Other 2 HYIPs, which resumed their activity online and removed the Problem statuses from their monitoring signs are True Expert (trueexpert.net) and Wsporstco (wsporstco.com). They are not so long-term as the first one mentioned, anyway... they are now paying. As for the rest from the enormous list of Problem programs released last time, they were either removed to Closures section or still remain Problem. We congratulate investors of three programs, mentioned above on getting back to Paying status. Hope that now it's for long!

Closures. Fxsure (210 days), Pharma Finance (112 days), Frost Investment Fund (64 days), Allen Finance (40 days), VN Invest (28 days), Yellow Funds (15 days), Safe And Best (13 days), Tech Earn Hourly (11 days), Secure Earn (39 days), Stradox (106 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog is posting the update about his work in the HYIP sphere. The article is called "Updating You about my HYIP business", where the author is giving basic updates on what is going on o0n his site, what updates are about to be implemented. Then he is also sharing his thoughts on ways to develop his blog further on. Whether the blog is going to be filled up with advertising or not? Whether new addons for chatting between investors are going to be added? And finally, Frank gives his idea on diversifying the investment funds. See the detailed update following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/09/03/updating-you-about-my-hyip-business/

The popular HYIP blog and monitor HyipingMoney.org has experienced the security breach some days ago. They were fixing all the bugs and recovering the database of about 400 articles. And fortunately the recovery procedure has been successfully completed and the site is now totally working with the database alive. The posts with the updates on the hack are given following the links http://hyipingmoney.org/hacking-attempt/ and http://hyipingmoney.org/hello-friends/

HYIP Forums. New thread has been opened on September 2. The author is wondering, if there are any investment programs to join with Alert Pay. We know perfectly well, there are lots of them, though not each and every one is worth trusting. However, if you have a good option for the thread-starter you can give some good pieces of advice right here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r338081-.html

As it is perfectly known, gold nowadays is beating all possible record high and the forecast says the price going to double by the end of 2012. With a view to all that, many people are seriously thinking of putting all savings they have into gold. Does it make sense or not? Are the forecasts telling the truth? See the action around these questions here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r337298-.html

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