Updated: 09/07/2011 12:52
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A promised Betting Platform has been finally launched on Primfix ( You can see a link to it in your member area and there you will find a...

A promised Betting Platform has been finally launched on Primfix ( You can see a link to it in your member area and there you will find a match that is already up for betting. Here is how everything works: you can place a bet for either team A or B and a short description of players provided by Primfix may help you make a decision (you can see it by clicking on the link in a match announcement).

Once the match is finished, the status of it will be updated it and your account balance will be credited with some profit in case you win. If you lose, 100% of your bet will be invested in the plan you chose while making a bet:

“If your bet wins and you chose plan A, you will earn 3% profit, plan B bets will earn 4% and plan C bets earn 5%. Winning bets are returned to you account balance, so you can withdraw your deposit AND bonus right away. Non-winning bets will be deposited to the plan you chose, A, B or C. There will be no losers at all!”

That's really great, isn't it? Let's say your bet is $1,000 and you chose a plan B. In case you win, there will be $1,040 on your account which you can withdraw or use to make a new deposit. If you lose, $1,000 will be invested into plan B as a usual investment. Note that you need to verify your Primfix account with a phone number in order to use a Betting Platform. You can do that by logging in to your account and checking your status under "My account".

In the newsletter, the administration thanks all investors for their support and informs that summer was a very successful period for Primfix. Great results have been achieved but they are not going to stop and say that there is still a lot of work ahead because the team of the project wants to make Primfix even better for you!

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