Updated: 09/08/2011 12:23
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At weekends i took a chance to sort out my mails and started to sort old e-mails. In consequence of this "excavation" i came across the e-mail, titled "HYIP Industry in 2011". HEre is the text of this e-mail. It says about how good the project Midas Gold Fund is. I hope you all remember this program and quite possibly now it will be interesting to find out how they actually referred new investors. Here is the text of the spam-letter, sent on behalf of

Hey! I'm sending out an email about my current latest investment in the HYIP world. I just put in a $500 investment into Midas Gold Fund. Currently it is my belief that is a long term program for 2011. It looks extremely professional with forum sponsorships, banner advertising, well written website etc. Also the interview I saw on looked great.
Check out Midas Gold Fund here. They pay very stable interest rates for a great amount of time, 30 calendar days.

As you can see, nothing but an ordinary spam. Not quite ordinary to be exact, because two resources are being advertised at the same time. It's very bad, when some respected resource under an independent mask is sure enough advertising. Things, which is actually advertising, should be published the way advertising is and should have certain price. Everyone should understand, this is a bought publishing, that was released exclusively thanks to the payment and not because of the author's free will. On the other hand, you choose.


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