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Openings. First of all, dear readers, let us congratulate you on the start of the new season! Autumn gives new life to high yield industry and hope the new openings will be profitable for you. New program events will hopefully become really important for the HYIP investors. The HYIPNews.com team truly believes the blogs and forums will become more active with the end of summer. In our regular informational survey, as always we are trying to monitor the events on the HYIP market that happened within last three days. New programs that appeared, the closed and problems ones, forum discussions and blog updates. All this is at your attention in the regular informational survey, made by HYIPNews.com!

Clinch Profit (clinchprofit.com) 1.5-14% daily for up to 60 days!
Tactcue (tactcue.com) 1.2-2.5% daily for 30-180 days!
Safe-Option (safe-option.com) 1.0-2.2% daily for 20-50 days!
Invest Proker (investproker.com) Variables daily!

Time Of Earn (timeofearn.com), UMA Funds (umafunds.com), Futurums (futurums.com), Large Interest (largeinterest.biz), Neo Investments (neo-investments.com), Ice Profit (iceprofit.com), Score Fund (score-fund.com), FQ Forex Investment (fqfxtrade.com), Market Secrets Company (marketsecretscompany.ru), BuckInstant (buckinstant.com), Code Of Forex (forex-code.com), Brief Fast Cash (brieffastcash.com), AvVaaWorld (avvaaworld.com), 3DaysTrading (3daystrading.com), WorldFinancialClub (worldfinancialclub.com), DaddyCash (daddy-cash.com), Boos Money (boos-of-money.com), Look Money (lookmoney.net), RPSMC (rpsmc.com), Fast Income (fast-income.org)

So as we can see the number new of programs has increased a bit. The end of summer speaks for itself. Hope among this abundance of investment opportunity the readers and members of HYIPNews.com will find the ones that would make some good profit for them. In our turn we are going to monitor the market and once any news occur, as usually, HYIPNews.com team is among the first ones where you can find the news coverage.

iiCo - not paying
Earn Groups - not paying
Top Capitalist - not paying
We-Are-Paying - not paying
JP Daily - not paying

There are not so many programs in the Problems section for today. However there is some peculiarity about today's issue. Four out of five Problem programs are very long-term ones with the lifetime of 284 to 618 days. And this means some big ones have started to close up with the end of summer. We do hope these problems are all temporal and by the next release, they will recover and solve the problems. Anyway, the HYIPNews.com strongly recommends all investors not to invest to the Problem programs at least until things sort out. And wish all investors who had earlier deposited to these HYIPs could successfully return the deposits back.

ShipCapital (shipcapital.net) is encouraging its investors to make deposits via Liberty Reserve, not AlertPay. This is naturally, cause, as they say, Liberty Reserve deduct 175% less fee than Alertpay. If a person makes a deposit he gets bonuses added manually to the ShipCapital (shipcapital.net) investment account. The bonuses are from 5% to 20% depending on the amount you invest.

FixedMonthlyIncome (fmincome.com) till September 7th used to accept only bankwire as the deposit option, starting from $1000. And now they enabled Liberty Reserve. No other information, no official reasons, just the notification about the acceptance of Liberty Reserve deposit method by FixedMonthlyIncome (fmincome.com).

CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) has already become the old-timer of the Events section in the informational surveys made by HYIPNews.com, first of all thanks to the constant update of the site and services provided by the admin of this project. And today's release is not an exception. First update is that CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) announced the end of the referral contest, naming the winners. The second update is the Testimonials section on the corporate forum. And finally, hiring local representatives and live support in Russian has been announced. Lots of updates for one program. Hope these are all to the good.

The project BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) is hiring local representatives around the world to guide all potential investors through the investment process. The benefits for the official representatives are obvious. The referral bonus is three times hire, which makes 15% for every new deposit. The information of the local representative will be posted on the project website. Moreover, BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) gives personal e-mail account, formatted like @brantonsgroup.com, giving the illusion of being a part of the team. Nice updates to my mind!

Good News. Profit-United (pu-revenue.com) status has been changed to Paying on Goldpoll, though some other monito sites still list it as Not Paying. Some changes seems to be made, however, dear investors, please be careful when investing to this project. The same situation is around The Forex Funds (theforexfunds.com). If you want to invest to one of these projects, you'd better do your own due diligence or contact The HYIPNews.com specialists in case you have any doubts.

Closures. Oil-High-Returns (31 days), Stradox (109 days), Stock-Forex (19 days), Minvestment (26 days), Hitch Investment (27 days), Alpha Finance (15 days), Perfect Gain (8 days), Swan Invest (4 days), Capi Funds (11 days), Plus-Inv (25 days), Western Sum (32 days), 1 Global Gold (120 days), Gorgon Project Invest (256 days).

HYIP Blogs. There are two updates on the Goldpoll blog about some not paying issues with some programs. Please take a closer look and beware the scammers! http://blog.goldpoll.com/

HYIP Forums. The troubles with AlertPay in the HYIP niche are not the new ones. Some programs closed because of troubles with AlertPay, some HYIP investors are still trying to recover their lost funds. One of such investors, raised a a thread on Talkgold, asking, whether it's possible to refund the $200 he lost with a HYIP on AlertPay. What are the possible results? Can he succeed? Once you have the same trouble, or you may have a solution to that, please take a look at the link below: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r333328-.html

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