Updated: 09/12/2011 13:43
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Many of you might have noticed that Primfix project was unavailable or worked with interruptions on the weekend. Fortunately it is now available and Derek has sent out a newsletter to all investors of the project informing that this was a DDoS attack. It is not surprising, considering that Primfix is now a very big and popular program and they have to fight for survival, because competitors want to destroy it using different ways such as attacking. It's a HYIP world and that's how it's done here. Derek informs that some changes to server settings have been made and now the website is back. He realizes that there will be always problems but Primfix is a strong program and nothing will stop it.

Derek thanks everyone who supported Primfix on Facebook and forums while the website was unavailable. This demonstrates how much people believe in the project and he says that in any other program everyone would simply freak out and think they lost their money. However, most investors of Primfix remained calm and were patiently waiting for fresh updates. Note that in case you have problems loading a website of the program in the future, you should go to a Facebook page of Primfix, cause all emergency updates will always be posted there.

In the latest newsletter he also informs that a new Betting Platform that was just recently launched is becoming popular and many people who have already made bets are very happy with the earned bonuses. This platform is planned to be improved in the future in case more investors of the program start participating. And many new matches are waiting for you soon, so stay tuned!

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