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Openings. Dear readers! The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to introduce the new informational survey at your attention. We do believe the work we do...

Openings. Dear readers! The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to introduce the new informational survey at your attention. We do believe the work we do makes you feel more up-to-date on the arena of high yield investments. In our turn we are doing all the best to provide you with the latest updates, hot news, fresh events on what is going on on HYIP market. The 3-day update published on Friday and Tuesday on a regular basis is meant to be in use for you. Please enjoy your reading and hope you will find the information you are interested in, inside the informational surveys by HYIPNews.com. So the openings of the week are as follows:

Freedom Forex Strategy (freedomfxstrategy.com) 1.30-2.30% daily for 150 days

Clinch Profit (clinchprofit.com), RichesBank (richesbank.com), White Profit (white-profit.com), Real Online Investment (realonlineinvestment.com), Get Profits Easly (getprofitseasly.biz), Prosfinance (prosfinance.com), Unlimited Earning (unlimited-earning.com), BrightFuture (brightfut.com), WinnerEarn (winnerearn.com), SafeDeposits (safedeposits.biz), Avaxhyip (avaxhyip.com), Profit-Prime (profit-prime.com), LastFinance (lastfinance.com), Regards Trade (regardstrade.com), Large Profit (large-profit.com), DaqMoney (daqmoney.com), Globalpay (globalpay.biz), AurumProfit (aurumprofit.com), Profits Raise (profitsraise.com), WWP (worldwideprofit.net), Stable-Profit (stable-profit.biz), Inv Groups (invgroups.com), Keep On Earning (keeponearning.net), Epay Share (epayshare.com), The Big Rabbit (thebigrabbit.com), Fund Box (fund-box.com), Tgfund (tgfund.com), Inter Inv (inter-inv.com)

There are many new programs, as it has been expected since the start of the Autumn season. Unfortunately, quantity does not always mean the quality. As you can see there's only one program with more or less detailed description presented in the Openings section. The rest are all template-like and don't look serious. Perhaps we are wrong when making this statement and among the large number of programs above there are some, potential leaders of the industry. Well then... i wish it was true we are eager for more new really long-term investment opportunities.

Gold Gain - not paying
MGFunds - not paying
LWF Trust - not paying
Forex Superior - not paying
Commodities Capital - site offline
Erinco Fund - not paying
Aurora Fund - not paying
Fast Income - not paying
Liveearn - not paying

Possibly the main bad news of this 3-day period is the closure of Commodities Capital. This site has been working quite actively, making constant updates within all the time of being online. And the way it worked very fast, the same way it stopped working in a blink of an eye. The site is offline. Sorry for all the investors who trusted them. The project is a perfect example of a nice proverb: "All that glitters is not gold". So many contents, so many updates and gone so soon... So sad but true! AS for the rest, there are both long working HYIPs, which are now in Problem and the new ones with the lifetime of less than 10 days. Everything is as usual. Beware and always make your due diligence before investing to any projects and NEVER dare to invest if a project is included to this section of the survey.

Events. There is an update from BaseBucks (basebucks.net). The admin sent out the newsletter giving his own idea on how to speed up the return and help investors getting the 200% return as soon as possible. Here is the quotation from the newsletter sent out to members: "...We've been paying 1%+ a couple fast track payments each day;
Mon = 2%
Tue = 1%
Wed = 1%
Thu = Day Off
Fri = 2%
Sat = 1%
Sun = Day Off
Now… here's my idea.
I'm proposing to elliminate the Tuesday 1% return. And instead of this, plough the entire 1% return exclusively into Fast Track Payments… So rather than you all getting a 1% rate of return. We can instead auto-complete the oldest $130-$140 worth (or whatever the 1% value is) of investment every Tuesday… So basically every Tuesday, we'd loosely work our way up from the bottom of the logs page (http://www.basebucks.net/logs), auto-completing as many as we can."

Unitrust Direct (unitrust-direct.com) is celebrating the 150 days online anniversary, adding the new investment plans. These are the daily paid short-medium to long term plans: Celeritus : 14.7% daily for 7 days calendar days. The new investment plans perfectly fit the entire design and script of Unitrust Direct (unitrust-direct.com). The only thing is wish, this new update did not mean soon closure of this long-term and successful HYIP.

Macro Trade is adding new withdrawal feature. From now on investors are able to make their withdrawals on active Liberty Reserve deposits via AlertPay. Moreover, every investor, who withdraws via AlertPay instead of Liberty Reserve will get the 5% bonus. The same bonus is awarded for new Liberty Reserve investors, who decide to withdraw via AlertPay. Seems that Macro Trade is having enough of AlertPay and are lack for Liberty Reserve. this is just a guess, though it may be the explanation.

ShuFinance (shufinance.com) is introducing the new ultra plans running for 40 business days offering a daily return of 4% to 4.5%, depending on the deposit amount. I wouldn't bet the ShuFinance (shufinance.com). Such a new update scares me a lot. Looks very much like an attempt to get more and more before actually closing down. I was i was wrong. We'll see.

BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) is adding 1% bonus to all new deposits. Such an old trick for referring new investors. I doubt it will work, anyway, my work is to let you know of this event.

Good News. JP Daily (jp-daily.com) is paying! And as it seems the information we provided in the previous research was not exactly the truth. We are sorry for that, though having checked the forums, the listing sites and having analyzed the buzz around this project we came to conclusion, so far so good. This project is paying, fortunately to its members. As for the rest, no changes and no more good news! JP Daily (jp-daily.com) is the only Good News for today! Good luck to all its investors!

Closures. Earn Groups (504 days), Top Capitalist (288 days), Trusted Earn (8 days), Maxima-Intenza (27 days), MX Fund (7 days).

HYIP Blogs. The security tricks on Facebook are revealed on HYIPBlogger.com. Phil, the admin of the blog, is sharing his experience, when trying to change the security question, which is actually hard to complete. The security system on Facebook is so complex than sometimes, even the true account owners are not able to access the page after updating the system or, say, changing the provider. The Facebook requires verification of the contact data entered. Ok, but what if you entered the data earlier and they were not all correct. It was not required to share your place of living or other private information. Looks like a serious problem, once you lost access to your Facebook account to restore it again. Follow the link below and learn the details. See the testimonials of real Facebook users, watch the screenshots or existing users and their attempts to restore access to their accounts: http://hyipblogger.com/2011/09/change-security-question-facebook-3057.html

How to Make Money with an investment Scam and Start Your HYIP Fraud Empire from home! The pure fiction article has been posted on The Private HYIP Blog. Frank is going deep into considerations about HYIP history and assumes all the HYIP related sites could be run by a single person or a group of people. That would be called a HYIP Empire. Rather interesting blog update for those, who enjoy fiction. Very nice piece of reading for the newbies and far more interesting for professionals. It can even contain some useful tips for HYIP admins to run a really successful HYIP. So, please visit the blog and read through the article, following the link below: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/09/12/how-to-make-money-with-an-investment-scam-and-start-your-hyip-fraud-empire-from-home/

HYIP Forums. What is your feeling about Money and Money Spending. The author of the following thread is interested about the attitude of the readers towards these two crucial things. Read more here: http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Money-Spending-t385851.html

A good place for referral activity was opened by new Talkgold members. The authors opened a thread asking for a good program to invest money. And here where you can show all your referral skills. Go for it and help the new investor: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r338977-.html and here http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r338941-.html

Free Money Making Tactics 2011 - sounds pretty good, isn't it? Actually the new thread with such a title was opened by some senior investor and member of Goldentalk forum. Perhaps the tactics are not actually free and not actually the best ones for the newbies, though, it's definitely worth reading. Perhaps you can get something for you that would help you making money in the end of 2011 or share some ideas of yours that would help others to benefit. Follow the link to join the thread: http://goldentalk.com/t58256.html

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