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Keep on sorting the mail. Can't help noticing the previous finding was not the only one. I discovered there are lots of interesting things inside my mailbox. I used to mark them earlier, though forgot to publish. Time to make up leeway :) The spam mailing text i am going to tell you now is the promotion methods of so called "investor teams". There are also "analytic groups" and "private groups" of investors. These is all the same and every person is finally giving some "proven" and "verified" list. We'll talk about such lists more below and now let's take a look, how one of such groups is promoting itself in such a way.

We are the HYIP Downline Group, a group of investors that invest in programs together to maximize profits and minimize losses in the intense world of HYIP's. During 2010, we as a group profited greatly in HYIP'S and have stuck to the same HYIP's going into the new year till this week.

We have a formula for choosing HYIP's and it changes as the months go on to target trends happening currently in the HYIP industry. Our first investment of 2011 is in Midas Gold Fund. We have personally deposited $1,000 and our current referrals have deposited $5,800. Let me explain why we chose Midas Gold Fund for our first investment in 2011.

Currently the trend is short investment time periods, but interest rates that are sustainable. Midas Gold Fund is offering a very stable interest rate...

...Midas Gold Gund??? What the hell! In the previous mail we wrote how Midas Fund used to be promoted. In this news we were planning to describe the way different recommending and analytical clubs are working. And it looks like, all is the same.

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