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Quite recently we had a chance to read the Tinoko Capital Presentation. When we looked at this site, it became clear to us not much can be told here. Anyway, we decided to make a Short Review, hoping that no we'll fix the conditions, where leaders are born. All the more so, site content and design is just a small part of the investment project. The poll on our site shows that 100% of investors are only paying attention to the investment plans. The rest components, even the DDoS protection and communication means are determining for not so many investors. So, what is the offer of Tinoko Capital and what is so special about it?

First of all it's the simplicity and clearness. For some people it can be a negative component, though for many investors, the too much complicated or too much "pseudo-professional" site is a barrier. They are not going to invest if they are about to be scammed. Tinoko doesn't cheat anyone, everything is clear at first page. Investment plans, calculator, and login form - this are the first elements, shown on-screen and personally i like it! And of course they are offering good profit interest for any term, starting from 3 days. Oh... i forgot to mention, there are 3-day plans here. And this opportunity gives reasons to making a review of Tinoko Capital.

Investment Plans. They have 3 investment plans. They are called: Stability, Balance, Innocation. The first one offers 0.7% daily. The second one - 1%, and the third one gives 1.5% daily. Minimum for the first plan is not more than $1. For the second plan the minimum makes $500. And for the third plan you need to have at least $2000 to make a deposit. Reasoning from the profit offered in these plans it's getting clear that their target audience is up to $500 deposits. And this is absolutely right. And well-timed as well. Such an interest spread gives understanding the admin of the project knows what he is doing and there are all chances he will develop the project for long and in a serious manner. 1% daily - rather good profit, the more so it is calculated 7 days a week. Yes, weekend also!

Referral Program.
Separate page on the site tells readers about the referral program. And a separate article could be written about this referral program actually. Though, to be sincere, i've already met projects that used to offer such a solid referral bonus. You just take a look, how much of the profit you are going to earn not from your own deposit, instead it will be delivered from the profit of your referrals. I.e. if your referrals make deposits on $100 and $200, you are going to get 10% from the profit they make daily. They get 0.7% of the profit, and you get 10% of this amount, i.e. $0.21 daily.

Payment Options. There is no information how one can deposit to Tinoko Capital on the site now, however, by all appearances, they accept deposits and make payments by any means possible. Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay and of course LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. One can even ask for withdrawal to credit card, though contact with admin is required for that. AP and STP were being planned by the time of making this review.

General Website Features. There is a calculator on the site, the plans are shown with the help of the animated menu. The plans can be browsed in succession and analyzed on a separate page. All in all, the site is very easy to navigate, all information is at far distance from each other and hence it doesn't look heave to comprehend, still there is all the essential info inside.

Security Features. The site has SSL and DDoS protection (DDoSWiZ) enabled.

Contact Methods. There are actually all accessible means of communication on the site. There is the contact form to send messages, as well as e-mail and physical address. There are also two telephones - one regular one and the second one is for the fax sending. You can find that all here: http://www.tinokocapital.com/contacts/

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