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The previous week we completed the Short Review of the program Tinoko Capital. One day earlier than that we watched the second part of our HYPERCompound review. I guess, we shouldn't drop speed and keep this up. This week, two more worth projects are at your attention. The first one, Clarinton Trading is presented today. The second one, Expert Portfolio - will be presented by the end of the week.

Clarinton is definitely not an ordinary program. We are making the short review of this project because this service is included in one of our standard monitoring packages. Though, watching the site i realized, they are worth making this short review. That is because, Clarinton is actually one of the strongest programs, that appeared recently among the simple, though high quality ones. And no wonder that they have started from the standard package. It's a good chance of fighting. And the fact Clarinton was the first one to get into the fight is a good sign. Both for the project and for the entire industry. Though, we are going to talk about the project here.

Investment Plans. Clarinton Trading has 3 plans, which rather popular variant recently. Looks like investors like it, cause such programs with such investment offer appear more and more often. The interest rate is rather usual, though it should be acknowledged that it's rather high. 1/1.3/1.8 depending on the term, the deposit is allocated. Your deposit can be allocated for the term of 3 days, 20 days or 50 days. Minimum amount is $1, and there is no maximum.

The Referral Program at Clarinton's is rather unusual as well. You get profit depending on the plan you've invested yourself. If it's the Test plan, the referral bonus is just 0.5% Investing to Balanced plan you get 5% and 10% is the reward when you invest to Expert plan.

Payment Options.
The administration has focused on 3 payment systems, most popular and most reasonable in the sphere of high yield investing. These are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Bankwire. Nearly the ideal variant.

General Website Features. Nothing special on the whole. The site is rather simple, that is why i mentioned that as the advantage in the introduction part. Cause simplicity is the same as convenience. So, everything is convenient on the site of There's a news block, the FAQ page. The menu is rather nice and picturesque. There is information on security, we are going to tell you about right now.

Security Features. As the admin claimed, there is SSL on the site, which gives opportunity to transfer information on the secured channel. I.e. not to worry that your data can be stolen. There is also DDoS protection, provided by the famous provider - DDoSWiZ. Within 3 months, the program has been working, security is giving enough of safety. And following the research results, made by, investors are not paying attention to these parameters primarily.

Contact Methods. You can use e-mail, 2 phones and contact form for communicating with the administration. This is more than simple, all the more so many admins do not add their e-mail to the contact page recently. Let alone the mail address.

Of course, it's now hard to call Clarinton Trading a new program, however many investors prefer proven opportunities. So, this project is right for them. You only don't forget the risks.


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