Updated: 10/05/2011 14:37
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Some admins are planning to add AlertPay (as InvestProGroup , about which we informed today) and meanwhile others inform about not cooperating with...

Some admins are planning to add AlertPay (as InvestProGroup, about which we informed today) and meanwhile others inform about not cooperating with this payment processor anymore. Such an update came from RegularBee. There have been issues with AlertPay payouts for the past couple of days and the situation was unclear. However, yesterday the administration sent out a newsletter explaining everything. Apparently AlertPay has blocked the account of RegularBee and therefore this project stops working with this payment system.

All investors who have made deposits using this payment system should send information about their AlertPay deposits to [email protected] All deposits are promised to be restored in LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney on investors' choice without any commissions. The promise is really inspiring and as we know, most projects, the AP accounts of which are blocked do not offer such solution for investors and simply say they are sorry but there is nothing they can do.

In this case the admin promises to convert AP into LR or PM, which is hard to believe in because such a move will definitely cause cashflow issues for RegularBee, therefore let's see what happens and hopefully the admin is honest about his intentions. He also assures that there won't be any problems and even announces a $300 bonus for a 5000th registered investor (there are over 4500 members at the moment), which is a strange and suspicious decision in such a situation, so you should consider everything before making a deposit in this program.

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