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There is a huge newsletter for all investors of Arbs (arbs.ws) and all those who are interested in making a deposit in this project. It started its...

There is a huge newsletter for all investors of Arbs (arbs.ws) and all those who are interested in making a deposit in this project. It started its online business a little more than a month ago and the team of the program reports that they have learned a lot since then:

The magic of sure bets, or arb betting, is of course that there is minimum to no risk involved. Moving money between bookies and ecurrencies is a little tricky and we've managed, learned and improved over this last month. The latest improvement is the integration of Alertpay into our script, but our programmers have a lot more to manage.

The most important thing for you to know is that a daily plan will be closed on November 1. According to the admin, it is not so easy to transfer money from bookmakers and e-currencies as expected, therefore there will be only weekly and monthly plans. If you have already made a deposit in a daily plan, you will keep receiving your profit according to this plan until it expires. Also note, that the minimum deposit in a monthly plan will be increased on October 15 to $2,500 (it is $1,000 at the moment). The weekly plan will remain unchanged.

On October 15, the administration will also introduce a new weekly plan which will pay 3.5% forever. The interest rate in this plan will not increase with time as in other plans, but you will be able to withdraw your principal with a 15-day cancellation period. By the way, all investors who make a deposit of $1,000 and more will receive a private phone number and will be able to call the support center to get help.

The last announcement concerns a script improvement, the installation and programming of which will take from two to four months. With its help you will able to place your own bets. These were the basic and most important things to know from this newsletter. The full version of it can be read here (http://arbs.kayako.com/News/NewsItem/View/151/were-willing-to-improve-even-more). There is also a great business report on bets made in October in pdf for you which can be found here (http://arbs.ws/monthlyreports/octoberreport.pdf). The investment plans and other information can be seen in our Presentation of Arbs.ws.

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