Updated: 10/10/2011 10:35
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Today all Americans celebrate a day of Columbus who arrived to the American shore on October 12, 1492.

Today all Americans celebrate a day of Columbus who arrived to the American shore on October 12, 1492. This holiday is annually celebrated on the second Monday of October and of course, many projects announced this day a non-trading one. If you have a deposit in one of the programs mentioned below, do not expect to see profit today. Happy Columbus Day!

SafeDepositary: “Columbus day. No interest. Dear clients! Safe Depositary informs about non-trading days on Monday because of Columbus Day. Thank you for doing business with us!"

MacroTrade: “Dear customers, Due to Columbus Day, October, 10, no profits will be accrued. Have a nice holiday!"

ReProFinance: “In 2011 the Columbus day falls on Monday, Octoer 10. Due to non-trading day all U.S. markets are close. and no interest will be credited to RePro Finance investors' accounts today."

HyperCompound: “Holiday: Columbus Day. No profits will be available for tomorrow, 10.10.11."

WaskoFund celebrates even more holidays on this day: “Keep in mind 2011-10-10 is NON BUSINESS day due to holidays: Canada – Canadian Thanksgiving Day, United States – Columbus Day, Japan – Health-Sports Day. During the holiday calm period on the Forex market the liquidity rate lowers and the intensity of almost all financial flows weakens."

WorldwideCapital: “Columbus Day in the USA Because of Columbus Day in the USA, profit will not be accrued on Monday, 10th of October."

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