Updated: 10/12/2011 14:35
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Development of the high yield industry (which is hard to believe in for everyone) has caused the development of not just the positive trends (such as risk decreasing and income rise). So, along with new high quality projects and strengthening the positions of old programs, lots of scammers appeared. There appeared to be so many of them that we were forced to start publishing readers signals in a separate block of news.

The first project is a scam with no shadow of doubt. The message of our reader was not need to be checked, you can check that the program (called is not worth to deal with. Here is the message text:

i deposit $200 in for 800% after 1 hour plan and earned $1600 i send $400 witdrawal request from my account but yet no money in my lr account!!!!!!! i think this site is scam!!! i lose my money

Yes, you are not mistaken. They are offering 800% per 1 hour. No wonder that in the screenshot the reader sent to us there's $145 600 of the profit on the balance. The balance is $97 00, though not even $400 can be taken. Well actually, small wonder.

Raising the market volumes is visible if for no other reason that the size of problem deposits now. Starting from August 10, when there were about $5K Problem deposits in MGFunds, it's not getting less. It's not good of course, cause more investors are becoming the victims and far more money is lost. Though, it's a clear sign of growing activity. And the main lesson, anyone may draw from this conclusion, is that risks are getting higher and one should prepare thoroughly and work more. But the profit will be higher as well, you should agree.

By the way, we got warnings about and Looking at the terms on their sites, these warnings can be fully reasonable. We'll write the details tomorrow.


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