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KistFunds is a project that we are going to take a look at today. It has been online for 21 days and hopefully will become one of the longlivers of...

KistFunds is a project that we are going to take a look at today. It has been online for 21 days and hopefully will become one of the long-livers of HYIP industry and will help you make good profit. The website looks very attractive and is easy to navigate (most important links are at the bottom of the main page) where you can also choose your preferable color and the website will be available in the color you like. Great, isn't it? The investment offer of KistFunds is probably the most important feature for investors and it can be also seen on the main page, so let's start with it.

There are four investment plans at KistFunds and principal is back on expiry in all of them. The investment term is 120 business days (payments are made from Monday to Sunday). Compounding is available and there is a possibility to cancel your deposit before the end of an investment period (for a 20% fee). And here are the plans:

A Starter Fund pays 1.3% daily for 120 days and the minimum deposit in it is $10 (max. $100). The second is a Professional Fund which brings 1.6% daily for 120 days (min. $101 – max. $1,000). The next is an Expert Fund: 1.9% daily for 120 days (min. $1,001 – max. $5,000). VII Fund (which is probably misspelled cause it would make more sense if it was called VIP) is the last investment offer at KistFunds and it requires a minimum deposit of $5,001. The daily profit is 2.2% for 120 days.

You can join KistFunds if you have an account in LibertyReserve, AlertPay or PerfectMoney. If you want to promote the project and receive money for that, note that the offered referral commission rate is 5%. The website is DDoS protected, SSL encrypted and uses a licensed GoldCoders script.

In case you have questions, you should contact the support center by sending emails to, or calling at +44 702-403-7885. You may also fill out a support form on a Contact Us page where you will see more email addresses of KistFunds. There is no news section on the website, but you can see fresh updates on project's Facebook page. Good luck with your investments!

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