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Today we will briefly inform you about the main features of a project called Investment Core which has been operating for 20 days. The administration...

Today we will briefly inform you about the main features of a project called Investment Core which has been operating for 20 days. The administration of Investment Core states that it is an investment company uniting professional stock, forex traders, & gold trade. Complex world of markets is their daily concern and their mission is to obtain funds for further management.

You should buy units at Investment Core in order to make a deposit, the more units you buy – the more profit you'll make. Payments are made instantly and principal is returned on expiry in all plans: Plan 1: minimum 1 unit – maximum 100 units (1.8% daily for 150 days); Plan 2: min. 100 units – max. 500 units (2% daily for 180 days); Plan 3 min. 500 units – max. 1500 units (2.2% daily for 210 days); Plan 4: min.1500 units – max. 3000 units (2.5% daily for 240 days).

There is a calculator button under each plan on the page where they are described, however you won't be able to calculate anything because it leads to a main page of the website. Investment Core accepts just two popular payment processors in the HYIP industry which are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney. It is not necessary to have a deposit at Investment Core in order to participate in its affiliate program. For referring people to the project you will receive 5% commission. The website is DDoS protected and SSL encrypted.

There is a live chat icon on the main page, however it turns out that it is just a form for submitting messages. You can also fill out a feedback form on the “Support” page in case you have questions or problems. The “Contact Information” button located on the top of the main page will also lead you to the page with a feedback form, so it is not useful and you won't find actual contact information by clicking on it. In the advantages of Investment Core it is stated that they also provide phone support, but I did not find a phone number on the website.

You will also see Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of the home page, which do not lead to those social networks, so they actually do not exist. As you can see, there are many problems with the website which will be hopefully solved because they do not make navigation easy at all. And other than that, the program seems to be okay but I doubt it will be one of the big and promising projects in the future.

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