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Openings. Welcome to the HYIP Informational Survey. The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to offer the latest news from the HYIP industry to our readers. Along with that we are here to give the updates on problem programs and let you know about the openings of the week. In case there are any hot discussions on forum or updates in the niche of eMoney, our informational survey is to cover them. ALL in all, the team of HYIPNews.com works its best to provide its readers with the hottest, latest and most actual information in the world of HYIPs.

Persona Inv (persona-inv.com) 1.1-1.5% daily for 150 days!
GFX Fund (gfxfund.com) 2.5-3% daily for 30 days!
ASTA (astfunding.com) 0.1-4% daily for 200 days!
SafeCapitalia (safecapitalia.com) 1.9-2.5% daily for 10-80 days!
UKSaving (uksaving.biz) 2.2-4.9% daily for 30-60 days!

OilWindfallProfits (oilwindfallprofits.com), Guaranted-Return (guaranteed-return.com), CreditProgramBank (creditprogrambank.com), Forenax (forenax.com), Fly-Cash (fly-cash.com), VCM Finance Inc. (vcmfinance.com), Earn Hourly (earn-hourly.com), PlusPaying (pluspaying.com), Russia-Network-Investment (russia-network-investment.com), Bet Income (bet-income.com), All Profits (all-profits.com), Bet2Sports (bet2sports.com), Oil Cash (oilcash.biz), Money Era (moneyera.com), Rapy Wealth (rapywealth.com), Alternet Investment (alternetinvestment.com), General Forex (general-forex.com).

Today we have the record number of programs in the first part of the Openings section of our regular HYIP Informational Survey. There's 5 of them and, dear investors, we truly hope one of them will ultimately become the leader of the industry. Anyway, they all look like a good chance to make profit. Though always remember to make your own research before investing to any of a new HYIP. This is the advice from professionals. And you'd better follow it, dear readers!

Safe Depositary - not paying
Advantages Capital - not paying
Powerful Strategy - site offline
Karma Money - not paying
Real Online Investment - not paying
Sommet Corporation - not paying
iForex Gain - site offline
Wealth Management - not paying

Guess the main disappointment of this week is SafeDepositary and Powerful Strategy, which have been the leaders of the industry for a long time. We are mostly sorry for Safe Depositary investors. This HYIP has had lots of representatives and even got licenced for offshore activity. Anyway, it is still a HYIP. If possible, dear investors, try to take all your money from their, at least now when the payments seem to be selective and are not missing at all. Naturally, we do hope this is a temporal trouble and the payouts will resume shortly, however, it is hard to believe that. As for Powerful Strategy they are saying domain has been suspended temporary by the registrar. Hope it will be moved to another registrar shortly and the site will get back online, though it's really hard to believe it will be like that.

Events. UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com) has issued the newsletter, where outlines the latest results of the program within the last month of October. All the changes that were implemented, all the updates that happened this month are outlined and summarized in the newsletter from UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com)

KissCashInvest (kisscashinvest.com) gives opportunity for its members to read the latest news and support this program in social networks on Facebook and Twitter. The support service is also available on Facebook. To ask your question, you can post your question on the wall and KissCashInvest (kisscashinvest.com) support staff will give you assist.

Good News.
Trust Income (trust-income.com) seems to get slightly recovering. At least this HYIP was not blacklisted forever as many other problem programs from the previous informational survey. Some listin sites still list it as Problem, though on the major listing sites the status has been changed to Paying. We'll let you know about the changes in the future. ANd meanhiwle, there's still hope left for Trust Income (trust-income.com) investors. We have more good news for investors of Finance Forex World (financeforexworld.com). Seems it's not the time for it to close yet. Anyway, we'd recommend to wait for a while, not investing into this one.

Liberty Reserve was on a scheduled maintenance on October 12 between 07:00 (am) and 07:30 (am)(UTC), due to which the site was offline. No worries. The maintenance was scheduled as informed on the official blog of Liberty Reserve http://blog.libertyreserve.com

Agents Reports and Readers Questions. Attentive investors should have already paid attention to rising problems with such a serious gambler of the sphere of high yield investments as SafeDepositary. On October 7 the site went offline, though it got back pretty fast. Now there are delays, which last for more than 12 hours. We got several complaints from investors of this company and from our readers. Unfortunately, we don't have official comments on that issue, so it's too early to draw the conclusion.
Although, it's evident, nothing is eternal and we've already told that on the background of the common market growth, no chance to avoid closures of some "veterans". And as a consequence, closing of some old satellite-projects.

Closures. Stock-Biz (153 days), Vauban Global (150 days), Shufinance (105 days), Bruyette Investment (93 days), Tinoko Capital (59 days), Fast Dollar Fund (4 days), Cosmos Invest (43 days), Poker Reserve (25 days), Large Atom (25 days), Global Bank Inv (18 days), Artuluna Assets (16 days), Perfected Forex (11 days), Confident Trust (11 days), Wos Wealth (10 days), Daily With (285 days), Cop Funds (10 days), Hot-Paying (23 days), The Forex Funds (51 days), Brand Daily (251 days).

HYIP Blogs.
The admin of HYIPBlogger.com updates his blog with the article, that is telling about the idea of recommending HYIP. Is it worth that? Good or bad? Should investors trust recommendations from monitors and private blogs. Learn more here: http://hyipblogger.com/2011/10/recommending-hyips-3227.html

Another update on this blog is just a release of the news update from the world of HYIP. The news is not that much as we offer in the HYIP Informational survey, still you may find something interesting there: http://hyipblogger.com/2011/10/hyip-news-october-14th-2011-3215.html

HYIP Forums.
As the Christmas comes closer, far more and more talks around this period appear online. Naturally, there are many rumors that many programs close down during the Christmas time. Well, i should say the fears are reasonable! How does Christmas affect the HYIP sphere? The Talkgold reader is wondering about the same question: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r341166-.html

The next thread is calling for help. A young newbie investor with lots of money to invest is searching for professional help. Dear readers, i may assume you have enough experience in the HYIP sphere, so you can give your best recommendations to the guy: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r315522-.html

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