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WorldWideCapital is a project that has been operating for three weeks and can be found in our catalog with a Paying status. When you open the website...

WorldWideCapital is a project that has been operating for three weeks and can be found in our catalog with a Paying status. When you open the website of this program, you will see some creativity expressed by a designer which makes the website easy to remember and to recognize (cause lots of projects use the same pictures and they are often mixed up in my head :) ) Anyways, let's get to the investment offer of WorldWideCapital as it is probably the most important thing for investors.

WorldWideCapital offers three investment plans that pay from 1.5% to 2.3%. The investment period in this program is 150 business days. Compounding option is available, so if you choose to withdraw only some part of your daily profit, you will be able to make more profit which will be available for withdrawal on maturity. And you will also receive your principal on expiry. As it usually happens, the more you invest – the higher your interest rate will be.

For deposits from $10 to $999 you will receive 1.5% daily, for deposits from $1,000 to $9,999 you will get 2% daily and for deposits that are larger than $10,000 you will receive 2.3% daily. There is an investment calculator on the page with investment plans, which makes detailed calculations basing on the chosen deposit amount and a compounding rate. A deposit can be made via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or Bank wires (starting from $1,000).

WorldWideCapital has an attractive affiliate program for you which pays 5% commission for every deposit made by your referral. If you invite from 50 to 100 clients who make a deposit, you will receive 6%, if you refer more than 100 clients who make a deposit, your referral commission rate will be 7%. With regard to security features, the website is well protected from DDoS attacks by BlockDos and has SSL encryption provided by Comodo.

Probably all most important questions are answered in a FAQ section, which is really full and contains lots of information. However, if you still have questions, you may call to +44-207-1935-869, fill out a support form or get in touch with a support center through live support. In general, the project looks good and is easy to navigate, so take a closer look at it.

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