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The admin of HitNRun Masters has important news for all investors who are willing to make a deposit in his program. The thing is that the minimum...

The admin of HitNRun Masters has important news for all investors who are willing to make a deposit in his program. The thing is that the minimum deposit amount is going to be increased and will be $100 starting from October 21 (it is $10 at the moment). The reasons for that are explained in the latest newsletter:

“We have done a lot of research on our membership and have come to the conclusion that the smaller investments are not worth the time and effort needed to maintain them. We are making hundreds of payouts of amounts of less than 20 cents daily. This was not in the plan when we came online. We are at the stage where we need to put on extra staff to administer the extra work. Our financial people have said it does not make economic sense to pay people to administer profits than are less than their pay. I think that is obvious.”

So as you can see, it is explained by the fact that the administration has no time for small investors and for processing their payments each day. The admin says his team has too much to do in daily HYIP research and cannot continue to attract huge numbers of investors who deposit small amounts. After the first of January 2012 they will raise this limit even more to $500.

It is also reminded about the group of privileged investors which will be formed soon. Those investors who have already deposited $2,000 or more will have right to be in that group and to receive secret information on programs which are of interest of HitNRun Masters as well as inside info based on facts informing on when and how to successfully manage a hit and run strategy on these programs. This group will receive alerts informing when to get in, when to get out, how much and in which plans to invest. The admin continues:

“We do realize that any changes can create fear among HYIP investors thinking this is some cash grab ploy. Lets us calm any fear by stating that in a cash grab scenario, the minimum investment is lowered, the payout percentage is increased or some easily obtainable bonus is offered. We have done none of these things. We are actually lowering the amount of funds we will receive by eliminating the vast majority of new sign ups. We need to do this in order to discourage investments that will cost us money to administer. We prefer to take in less cash but create the time we need to work on the more profitable goals we have in store for the future of HnRM and our members.”

You are the one who should choose whether to believe in admin's words and intentions or not, but that's what he says.

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